AUTHOR: Sunsoft / SEGA RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Shoot'em up SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 45€

Die Fantasy Zone wird wieder belagert! Dark Menon ist wieder da, und seine Armee ist stärker denn je! Führen Sie Opa-Opa durch Horden von Feinden, und stoppen Sie die Menons für immer!


Gamers Ausgabe 2/1992: [Note: 2-]
Niedliches, nicht zu schweres Action-Spiel mit fetziger Musik. Macht einfach Spaß!
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Fantasy Zone II and Fantasy Zone Gear weren't bad by any means, but they both ran on hardware quite inferior to the original arcade game. Super Fantasy Zone for the Genesis is the true sequel that not only matches, but surpasses its predecessor in aesthetics, with gorgeous graphics and an insanely catchy soundtrack. For the entire duration that you play, you forget about the Genesis' limited 64 color palette and marvel at the pastel glory. The music is some of the best composed for the Genesis, which is why you'll find nearly the entire OST for download. The opening cinematic story tells the traumatic story, as Opa Opa sets off to destroy the evil Menon empire to avenge his father's death. For the most part, the game is exactly the same as the original Fantasy Zone, just with new enemies and levels. There are a fair bit more weapons to buy this time around, including the incredibly useful four-way homing missiles. Also, special weapons (i.e. the classic 256 ton weight) now have their own button, so you can save them for the right moment. Much like Fantasy Zone Gear, you no longer autoface bosses, which is still slightly awkward. Since this was a home console release, the difficulty is tuned to be reasonable, and the rapid fire option is most definitely welcome. Even the scrolling has been fine tuned so it's easier to see what's in front of your ship. One of the coolest parts of the game is the tie-in with one of its Sega arcade bretheren - the final stage has a checkerboard pattern on the floors and ceilings, which are both homages to Space Harrier. Unfortunately, the biggest travesty of Super Fantasy Zone is that it was never released in America. Yes, it came out in Japan and Europe, but some genius suit decided that the game simply wasn't good enough for the USA. Regardless, the game is relatively cheap and pretty easy to find in both territories, and the game defaults to English anyway if you're playing on an American Genesis.


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