AUTHOR: UBI Soft / Vivid Image RELEASE: 1995 TYP: 3rd-Person Racing SPIELER: 4 LEVEL: 5 SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 25€

Dieses Spiel ist rasant, verrückt und voller Action. Es ist das erste Autorennen und Actionspiel für 4 Spieler.


SEGA Magazin Ausgabe 6/1995: [Grafik: 80% Sound: 70% Gesamt: 70%]
Schnelle, fließende 3D-Grafik, die jedoch spielerisch etwas ungünstig gelungen ist. Alleine ist es langweilig, je mehr Spieler sich jedoch beteiligen, umso mehr Spaß macht es. Kein Megahit, aber unterhaltsam und technisch sauber gelungen.
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Im Custom Cup Optionsmenü drückt A, B, C, A, B und C.


Hey, it's Mario Kart for the Genesis! No, really, it's actually an excellent clone of the same….although it manages to fall just short of the mark as with other Mario Kart wannabes. Has a funky soundtrack, cool characters, and some of the smoothest animation and sprite scaling you will ever see in a Genesis racing game. Looks and plays fast, has lots of different play modes including a soccer game amongst other things, and even offers split-screen play for up to four players. www.GenesisProject-Online.com

Street Racer is a fun racer like Super Mario Kart. Up to four players can play by split-screen. If there are no human opponents you can drive against seven computer opponents in three leagues. If you win the first league you can play the second and so on. The game has eight different vehicles with different skills in speed, haste or resistance. There are also some power-ups on the tracks like bombs, nitro fuel or health packs. www.Mobygames.com


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