AUTHOR: Namco RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Side-Scrolling Beat'em Up SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 8 SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 100€

Ihre Freundin Jennifer ist gefangen! Um sie zu retten, müssen Sie die Schreckensmaske aufsetzen und sich durch Legionen gräßlicher Scheusale durchkämpfen. Nehmen Sie alle möglichen Waffen, von Ihrer geballten Faust bis zur knatternden Motorsäge, um sich durch acht grausame Spielstufen mit nonstop Action durchzukämpfen!


Gamers Ausgabe 4/1992: [Note: 3]
Horror-Rundumschlag der herausfordernden Art; Paßwort-System inklusive. Schade, daß die Programmierer nicht ein paar spielerische Finessen und Abwechslung in ihr originelles Horrorkabinett gepackt haben. So bleibt Splatterhouse 2 ein etwas schlichtes Vergnügen, das immerhin einen ebenso herben wie hartnäckigen Charme besitzt.
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SEGAPro Ausgabe 12/1992: [Grafik: 91% Sound: 87% Gesamt: 86%]
Den meisten Spaß, den man mit einer Kettensäge haben kann, ohne eingesperrt zu werden.
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It has been some time since your escape from that awful place, and only now have you regained your sanity. Even so, you are still haunted by the nightmares - dreams of your beloved Jennifer, who never escaped that place. „We can still save her,“ comes a voice from one side. You look, and it is what you expected it to be. It is the mask - that terrible mask with its supernatural powers - and wearing it will give you the only chance of defeating the demon-infested Splatterhouse and rescuing Jennifer from a slow and agonizing death at the hands of the creatures within. Original in concept, which breathes new life into the tried and true platform fighting genre. Nice graphics, appropriate sound, fiendishly difficult gameplay. The latter of the two games is better in most respects than its predecessor. Splatterhouse 2, your first trip back - limited side-scrolling action, but at least you can pick up and use the weapons and power-ups you find along your route.

It has been three months since your escape from the Splatterhouse in the first game. Having been unable to save Jennifer, you keep having the recurring dream where she is begging you to come and rescue her. The mask from the Splatterhouse appears and promises that there is still a chance to save her. There is a downside to it, though. Wearing the mask of terror will fill you with feral rage and an insatiable hunger for blood. Heavily influenced by films such as Evil Dead 2, the game takes you through eight, side-scrolling stages. Rick has a basic set of punches, kicks and flying kicks, but he can pick up additional weapons such as a lead pipes, bones, bombs, a shotgun and a chainsaw for the ultimate bloodfest, while fighting skulls, razor fish and giant demons. A boss, requiring a specific pattern of moves, awaits you at the end of each stage.


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