AUTHOR: Arena / Mirrorsoft / Bitmap Brothers RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 15€

Speedball 2: Ein nicht ganz legaler Sport der Zukunft mit nur einer Regel: einen massiven Stahlball ins Tor des Gegners feuern. Nur die Spieler - gnadenlose Schläger - sind noch härter als dieser brutale Kampfsport. Und die Härtesten von allen sind „Brutal Deluxe“, die neue Mannschaft auf dem untersten Tabellplatz der Liga. Sie dürsten nach Blut und hungern nach Erfolg.


GAMERS Ausgabe 5/1992: [Grafik: 2- Sound: 3 Gesamt: 2-]
Unten in den Katakomben düsterer Metropolen wird der Sport der Zukunft gespielt. Aus heiseren Kehlen schallen die rauhen Anfeuerungsrufe durchs ovale Rund. Brutual Deluxe spielt gegen Steel Fury um den Aufstieg in die erste Liga. Die Spieler werden sich nichts schenken - aber das ist bei einem Speedball-Match ohnehin nie der Fall; schließlich will man bei Schlußpfiff noch im Besitz sämtlicher wichtiger Körperteile sein… Speedball 2, die Ball-Keilerei futuristischer Cyborgs, erscheint parallel für Master System und Mega Drive. […] Tempo, Scrolling und Animation der zahlreichen Spielfiguren sind top und sorgen für einen tadellosen Spielfluß.
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Port of the second of the two popular Amiga games, which are best described as the Bitmap Brother's digital homage to the classic sci-fi feature film Rollerball. Speedball is a fast-pased and often violent form of human polo invented in the future by the megacorporations to placate the restless masses. The only thing missing from the Amiga original are the awesome background music tracks. Great graphics, great gameplay, adequate sound.

Brutal Deluxe don't live up to their name - in fact they're the worst team Speedball has ever seen. As their manager, it is your job to transform their fortunes. As well as the league system, which consists of 2 8-team divisions and challenges you to advance to the top, there are also 2 cup tournaments, one of which is played out over 2 'legs' with the aggregate score deciding who progresses. You can play the matches as well, which is the real meat of the game. They consist of 2 90-second periods, and the gameplay is futuristic, fast and frantic, with heavy tackling encouraged to retrieve the ball. Power-ups and tokens appear on the pitch, including ones to make your players extra-tough or freeze the opponents. The sides of the pitch each include a score multiplier, which you can run the ball through to increase the value of your scoring - the opposition can sometimes immediately grab the ball and nullify this. There are also 5 stars which are worth 2 points each if you hit them (more if you have the multiplier activated), but these can also be cancelled out by the opposition hitting the same star, and their points values only become set after the half. Next to the stars there are 'portals' which throw the ball out the opposite side of the pitch, in the direction it was going. You get money for the results, and by collecting the silver tokens which appear on the pitch at random intervals. Between each match you can spend these either on improving your existing players as far as they can go, or on buying better ones and fitting them into the team. Your original players can only be improved to a certain extent, so remembering where your signed players are and making use of them is important. A variety of tokens also appear during the match, some of which boost your team's power for a short period of time, and one freezes the opposition.


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