AUTHOR: Rare / SEGA RELEASE: 1993 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 30€

Bigfoots teuflische Lakaien haben die magische Flage vom Planeten Serpentine gestohlen! Die beiden tapferen Rekruten - Rattle und Roll - sind auserwählt worden, Bigfoots Armee zu bekämpfen und die magische Flagge wiederzugewinnen. Dreidimensionale Spielszenen und Bewegungen verleihen diesem Videospiel eine vollkommen neue Dimension.




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I first found out about Snake Rattle 'n Roll in junior high school when a friend sold me his copy for the NES. From the first time I played it I knew I was going to like it and it easily became one of my all time favorites. Fast forward several years, and I heard rumors of it being ported to the Genesis. I finally found a copy, but sadly it wasn't released in the United States, and I'll never know why as the game is remarkable. The game is played from an isometric view and has you controlling two snakes named Rattle and Roll. I don't know what the original story is because the manual is pretty short, but a story isn't needed for this game. You are trying to climb a mountain and take off in a spaceship to get back home to your planet. There are a total of twelve stages, and Rare lives up to its name again as the game is as brutal as Battletoads, if not worse. Each stage is short and has you collecting extensions to increase the attacking range of your tongue, as well as Nibbly Pibblies, which resemble small balls and make your tail grow. The way to complete each stage is to make your tail grow long enough to make it flash then hop on a scale to open the exit door. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's remarkably fun and original, and later on it gets incredibly hard to find that scale without losing your tail from being hit by an enemy. There are a slew of other items and quirky enemies to kill, and all are bizarre, ranging from vinyl records to toilet seats to sharks. There are also bonus stages to collect extra Nibbly Pibblies. The bonus stages are completely new, and instead of running around and just collecting Nibbly Pibblies, you now have a timer and have three different bonus stages. It adds a lot of variety to the gameplay. […] I can't say enough about this game, it's one of Genesis/Mega Drive's sleeper hits you never even knew existed. Rare, why couldn't you have brought this to America, WHY? I think the NES version is a perfect game and this port blows that one away, so I have to give this game a perfect score. It's a shame this series was so short lived, it had ports on the NES and Genesis and an inferior, but still decent sequel for the Game Boy called Sneaky Snakes for those of you who care. The only way to truly appreciate the game in all its beauty is to have the patience of a saint and play through it, you won't regret it. It's Rare's best Genesis game by a long shot. www.SEGA-16.com

An isometric platformer by Rare. You must eat the balls that float around whilst avoiding the various traps and baddies until you're big enough to ring the bell on the scales, then you can move onto the next level. Different from most other games this is ultimately let down by poor level design and controls. www.GenesisProject-Online.com

It's a race to the moon for the two snakes, Rattle and Roll! Play alone or simultaneously with a friend as you out-score and out-eat your opponent - then weigh yourself on the scales and make for the exit! Snake, Rattle 'n Roll is an isometric 3D platformer. The object of each level is to eat as many Nibbley Pibblies (round creatures of various colours) as possible to make your snake heavy. Once it's heavy enough, you must stand on the scales in the level, and if you're heavy enough, the door will open and you can make your way to the exit. As with many platform games of its era, Snake, Rattle 'n Roll is incredibly difficult. Foes include Jaws, a monster that's all teeth and will kill you if you stay in the water too long, and Bigfoots, which stomp all over the place and require multiple tongue lashings to defeat. Then there's the many types of Nibblies, such as Pibblesplats, which hop around and splat into puddles, Pibbleboings, which are spring-loaded and jump incredibly high, and Pibblewings, which fly high out of reach. Two-player mode provides both a co-op and competitive experience: while you are both trying to eat more Nibblies than your opponent, if you both stand on the level's scale at the same time, both of your weights will be counted and it will be possible for you to exit the level more quickly. www.Mobygames.com


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