AUTHOR: Psygnosis / Electronic Arts RELEASE: 1991 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 13 SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 15€

Kämpfe Dich durch 13 Ebenen voller aufregender Arcade-Action! Besiege über 100 riesige, animierte Monster!


Video Games Ausgabe 1/1992: [Grafik: 63% Sound: 59% Gesamt: 37%]
Was auf den ersten Blick das Auge anspricht, entpuppt sich als spielerisch eher mäßig. Nicht nur die Steuerung hat ihre Macken: Alle bewegten Objekte müssen fast ohne Animationsphasen auskommen und wirken dadurch recht flach.
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Unendlich Leben
Verliere absichtlich ein Spiel und gebe als Initialen ZQX ein. Nun halte A + B + C + Start bis das Spiel wieder beginnt.


The story of a mutant humanoid who embarks on a long and dangerous quest to gain true humanity; and once having found it, must embark upon another quest to save that which he holds most dear. Ported from the now-legendary series of Amiga arcade games that made Psygnosis a name of whispered reverence among gaming fans. Well I remember when the first game was released for the Amiga and blew everyone away with its mind-numbing graphics, spectacular stereo music tracks, and intense gameplay. It's a real shame that the Genesis music is only an echo of the original (not to mention the loss of the intermission artwork from the first game and the intro from the second), but the eye-popping graphics and frustratingly hard gameplay are still there. Handicapped as they are, the Genesis ports are equal or superior to the SNES versions in evey single category. If you can't get the Amiga originals, then get these!

While very young, Aarbron was kidnapped and enslaved by the Priests of the Beast Lord. He grew up on drugs made to destroy his own will and turn him into the Beast Messenger, a powerful creature serving Maletoth, The Beast Lord himself. He did his job, until one day he noticed a man about to be sacrificed in a ritual, his face triggering ancient memories… and as the sacrificial knife descended into the man's body, Aarbron recognizes the face. Of his father. As his father dies in the altar, memories of his childhood and tormented past at the hands of the Beast Lord emerged, and as feelings of hate over his captors took over him, he swore revenge and fled the temple, knowing the road to avenge his father and redemption would be hard. Shadow of the Beast, one of Psygnosis most popular titles during the 16-bit computer era is a side-scrolling platformer best known for the use of parallax scrolling along lush graphics, a musical score by David Whittaker, a iconic cover by Roger Dean and what many consider to be unforgiving gameplay, balancing between the „very challenging“ and the „impossible“. The player has to navigate through several areas filled with enemies and traps, collecting keys and activating triggers than open new areas or give Aarbron the means to overcome a sub-boss. The number of moves the player has at disposal is limited: duck, jump and only two attacks: punch and a flying kick. While most enemies die with just one hit, the player must time each attack accurately. However, there are also traps of objects that cannot be destroyed, and these require the player to jump, duck or move according the sequence. The player has only one life with 12 hit points that can be replenished by collecting some objects hidden in the level (like an off-route location or a under a megalith), which also contributes to the difficulty level.


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