AUTHOR: Dinamic Software / E.A. RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Jump & Shoot SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 12 SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 15€

Kämpfen Sie sich durch 12 Ebenen und mehr als 150 Schauplätze de Schreckens. Überlisten Sie 20 Arten von Feinden, von klirrenden Skeletten bis zu grotesken Dämonen. Statten Sie sich mit einer undurchdringlichen Rüstung und mit den besten Waffen aus.


GAMERS Special Ausgabe 3: [Grafik: 2- Sound: 3- Gesamt: 3]
Flottes Action-Abenteuer, ansehnliche Grafik und einige gelungene Ideen.
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SEGA Pro Ausgabe 3/1993: [Grafik: 85% Sound: 78% Gesamt: 79%]
Spielbar, aber nicht besonders originell und manchmal zu frustrierend.


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For centuries, mystic monks have guarded the wisdom of the Lost Land. Now that the evil Draxos and his legions have turned the monks into stone, the darkness is free once again to roam unchecked. It is up to you, the young warrior Rohan, to stop it. Enter the Risky Woods, find the monks, and free them from their petrified captivity. This has all the trappings of one of those top-notch Psygnosis games, but something seems missing somewhere that I can't quite put my finger on. All in all, it just doesn't impress me as well as does Psygnosis fare. Even so, just missing that comparison makes it heads and shoulders above most other such games.

Unusually for Electronic Arts in the early 90s, this was a platform -shooter game with little or no adventuring or strategy elements. The game scrolls sideways, and has sections where precision jumps are required, either to clear rivers or collect bonuses. You carry a dagger to deal with the enemies, and must avoid contact with them. When killed, they leave coins to be collected - these are spent in the shop sections. Death loses you most of your coins, but they can usually be retrieved if they land on solid ground - making it better to be killed in combat than by drowning.


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