AUTHOR: Acclaim / Midway RELEASE: 1994 TYP: Beat'em Up SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 35€

All die gnadenlosen Kämpfer des Arcade-Superhits Nr. 1 sammeln sich zum Mortal Kombat 2. Und du hast das Kommando! Knallharte Schläge, Freundschaften, Babalities, versteckte Überraschungen, vernichtende Kombinationsbewegungen und wahnsinnige Finishing Moves. Der Kampf geht weiter…


GAMERS Ausgabe 10/94: [Grafik: 2 Sound: 2 Gesamt: 2-]
Die grafische Umsetzung setzt neue Digi-Maßstäbe. Der Sound paßt gut zu der Grusel-Atmosphäre. Im Gegensatz zum ersten Teil könnt Ihr bei MK2 mittels vernichtender Combos den Gegner in nullkommanix besiegen. Dieser Zauber klappt allerdings erst nach viel, viel Übung.
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There are many worlds besides our own, many realms where both good and evil hold sway. For centuries, Shang Tsung of the Outworld has sought to control the Mortal Kombat tournament for his own ends. Now a new champion must arise from our world that will fight to the bitter end and put an end to Shang Tsung's ambitions. This video game series was so popular that it spawned both a live-action and an animated TV series, and a live-action movie starring Christopher Lambert as Rayden. It is the considered opinion of most video game experts that the MK games are more hype than they are substance. Their opinion is that they are flashy SF2 clones that don't always deliver the goods. That didn't keep Midway from selling copies by the bucketful, and the Mortal Kombat franchise has been one of its most profitable ventures since its inception. Perhaps its reputation as a violent game with lots of blood-letting during the fights is what gave the series its overhyped reputation. Mortal Kombat 2, the contest moves to the Outworld as Sonya Blade continues her pursuit of Kang - this introduced several new characters and is generally considered to be the best of the Genesis series.

The Mortal Kombat fighters, plus several new ones, return for a tournament held by the evil Shang Tsung of the Oddworld. The action is one-on-one as before, and famed for its high level of violence and blood (other than the sanitised Nintendo version). There are 5 difficulty levels and optional credits, as well as the usual two player mode including same character duels. To win the main tournament, you must beat each of the other human players, before taking on Sheng Tsung, Kintaro and finally Shao Kahn. Players have a range of punches and kicks available, as well as flying kicks, uppercuts, roundhouses, and the special moves, which vary for each player. These include throws, uppercuts, long-distance bullets, bicycle kicks and a teleport feature.



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