AUTHOR: Capcom / SEGA RELEASE: 1991 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 30€

Sie sind ein Merc, ein professioneller Söldner im Dienst der US-Regierung zur Ausführung streng geheimer Aufträge. Als Mitglied einer Sondertruppe werden Sie in hart umkämpfte Krisengebiete geschickt, wo sich kein normaler Soldat hintrauen würde!

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Verbessert KI und erhöht die Geschwindigkeit eurer Gegner indem ihr den „Original Mode“ anwählt, A + B + C haltet und dazu dann Start drückt.


The rogue nation of Quira has recently developed the ability to build and deploy ballistic missiles. Fearing that this would upset the global balance of power, the United States sends two of its Wolf Force spec-ops troops to take out this threat (sigh - there go those nosy Americans again, telling the world what they should and should not do - so hypocritical, those bullies). This of course will involve lots of shooting and blowing stuff up, and these „mercs“ love that sort of thing…. Port of the arcade game, itself a follow up to Commando. Lame graphics and gameplay spoil this game, don't bother. www.GenesisProject-Online.com

Mercs is a shoot 'em up influenced by Ikari Warriors. You are an anti-terrorism soldier, and must rescue a former President from a Central African revolutionary gang. You run through each of the 8 levels, which primarily scroll horizontally, shooting everyone before they can shoot you. At times you will have to shoot trees and other scenery to progress. Finding strategic placings is important, especially as you can't shoot while on water. Most of the time you are on foot, but at times you can hijack vehicles of shot foes. There are improved weapons, smart bombs and energy recharges to collect. Each of the 8 levels ends with a large vehicle requiring multiple shots to destroy. www.Mobygames.com


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