AUTHOR: U.S. Gold / Arc Developments RELEASE: 1994 TYP: Jump & Run SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 15 SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 17€

Du dachtest also, ein Fußball sei nur zum Spielen da… Weit gefehlt! Dieses rasante Plattform-Abenteuer führt Dich durch unheimliche Bergbaustädte, schreckenerregende Tempel, lebensgefährliche Wälder und von Untieren wimmelnde Dschungel. All das nur, um zum Stadion zu kommen! Und Deine einzige Waffe bei diesem abenteuerlichen Unterfangen ist… ein Fußball!


Gamers Ausgabe 2/1995: [Grafik: 4+ Sound: 3- Gesamt: 4+]
Im Spiel selbst habt Ihr die Wahl zwischen zwei Fußballern, anschließend liegen 15 Level vor Euch, an deren Ende jeweils ein Endgegner den Weg versperrt. […] Doch mit Eurem Fußball könnt Ihr Eure Widersacher vom Bildschirm kicken.
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Oh, boy - another TV spinoff. Help the Hurricanes battle the bad guys as they embark on a tour to play various other soccer teams around the world. For a game inspired by the sport of soccer, there seems to be next to no actual soccer play in the game. It has more in common with Marko's Magic Football than the FIFA series, although not quite as appealing as Marko. Bright and cartoony graphics can't hide the fact that this is at best an average game.

Featuring in a children's TV cartoon, The Hurricanes are the most revered team in the World Soccer League. The Gorgons are desperate to beat them in a key match - so desperate that they have made it hard for the team to even get to the stadium. Taking control of one of their star players, you must trek through the jungle, mines and a temple to get them to the stadium on time. Soccer Kid seems like a logical game to 'influence' a license of a show about brilliant football players. Arc Developments agreed. The gameplay thus has a football used as a weapon against encroaching foes. There are ropes to move across, precise jumps to time, and traps to avoid. In The Hurricanes the ball sticks closely to the player's foot, even while he is jumping. It is only released when purposefully kicked, and replaced if it hits something or is lost. It can be flicked up while you are off the ground. The levels move from left to right but on several different vertical levels, and there is often more than 1 possible path, in a manner similar to Global Gladiators. Power-up tokens can be collected and traded in. Losing one of your 5 lives takes you back tot he last restart point - losing one of your continues takes you to the start of the world.


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