AUTHOR: SEGA / Novatrade RELEASE: 1995 TYP: Action Adventure SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 600€

Ecco Jr. is the game that introduces you to Ecco´s childhood world, where he and his friends, Tara the Whale and Kitney the Dolphin, each with very different personalities and abilities, help him find the legendary Big Blue Whale.




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ECCO Jr. is essentially ECCO 'Lite', a watered down version made for the Kiddies. You now have a choice of three characters to play, ECCO the dolphin , a Killer Whale and a Porpoise. The graphics aren't as crisp as the other two ECCO games and the game seems to have lost some of it's character. The Kiddies should enjoy it if ECCO 1 or 2 are a bit too tough for them but adults will find it way too easy, I finished the game in under an hour when I played it.

Ecco Jr. is a prequel to Ecco the Dolphin, set during his childhood. Together with his friends Tara the Whale and Kitney the Dolphin, Ecco goes looking for the legendary blue whale. Released after the two main Ecco games, this title is geared towards younger children with simplified gameplay, lacking the difficulty of the other Ecco games. The game also contains a number of educational facts about dolphins. Set in the same underwater world, players choose one of the three characters to solve a series of challenges. These all involve harmless exploration and solving small puzzles with no foes or violent gameplay. The characters need to use their abilities to locate animals, herd seahorses, retrieve a sea lion's lost ball, swim through rings and locate glyphs. After completing the main tasks, a large glyph needs to be located to end the level. The characters can be switched at any time during gameplay, but they all have the same abilities. One button is used to send out a sonar pulse to locate items while another boosts the animal. Most levels take less than a minute to complete and there are eighteen levels in total.


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