AUTHOR: Virgin RELEASE: 1994 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 4 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 5€

Erleben Sie Dino Dini´s Soccer, das neueste Werk des Erfinders von Kick Off, der meistverkauften Fußball-Computersimulation. Seine vielfältigen Spielmerkmale und sein komplexes Gameplay werden dafür sorgen, daß Sie von diesem Spiel auch bei Anpfiff der nächsten Weltmeisterschaft in Frankreich noch gefesselt sind! - Kompatibel mit dem Sega-Vier-Spieler-Adapter für bis zu 24 Mitspieler. - Spielsteuerung über Icon-Menüs. - 3 verschiedene Spielfeldansichten. - Arcade-, Liga-, Freundschafts- und Weltmeisterschaftsspiele stehen zur Wahl.


SEGA Magazin Ausgabe 12/1994: [Grafik: 58% Sound: 82% Gesamt: 87%]
Sensible Soccer hat endlich einen würdigen Nachfolger gefunden. Dino Dini´s Soccer spielt sich prachtvoll, hat viele Spielmodi, eine Batterie und faires Gameplay. Der Fußballhit!.
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The European concept of what an arcade soccer sim should be like. Adapted by the noted programmer from his own arcade game, but with many enhancements for the home console version. A concerted effort by the Brits to do EA Sports one better on a soccer sim. They came pretty damn close, too, except that their on-field graphics stink. -

Although this soccer game is based on Goal, it features a very different control method, with the ball on sticking to your foot to make running with the ball easier. The game is viewed from above and played up and down the pitch, without the left-to-right option of Goal. Matches can be between 2 or 20 minutes, and the scanner which shows player positions on the rest of the pitch can be moved, resized or disabled. The method of triggering aftertouch onto a pass can be chosen as well. The game features a variety of tournaments, including the full World Cup and its qualifying rounds, and the European Championships, or individual matches, as well as being able to configure a league or cup tournament ot your own specification. Only international teams are included, although their names can be customised. Unlike most soccer games of the time, player ethnicities are accurately depicted. -


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