AUTHOR: Acclaim / Software Creations RELEASE: 1996 TYP: Side-Scrolling Beat'em Up SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 10 SPRACHE: Eng WERT: 40€

Wetz Dein Messer, und bereite Dich auf die Seeschlacht Deines Lebens vor! Verbünde Dich in den Rollen von Morgan und Shaw bei der atemberaubenden 2-Spieler-Action, um eine wahre Schatzgrube wertvollster Juwelen und Goldbarren zu finden! Stelle Dich blutrünstigen Piraten mit Messern, Pistolen und brennenden Fackeln!


SEGA Magazin Ausgabe 5/1996: [Grafik: 59% Sound: 45% Gesamt: 61%]
Spielerisch etwas einfältige Piraten-Klopperei mit überzogenem Schwierigkeitsgrad und Grusel-Technik.
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Enjoy swashbuckling action on the Spanish Main in this homage to old pirate films. Take your pick of one of the two protagonists from the live-action movie of the same name starring Geena Davis. A typically mundane game which was part of the extensive merchandising behind one el-stinko bomb of a Hollywood film. Oh well, at least you get your choice of male or female characters to play, and the action is somewhat reminescent of Golden Axe. Now if only those BGM tunes weren't so hideous… -

In this game you play the role of a pirate lady called Morgan who was given a piece of a map by her father before he died. In the game you set out to find more pieces of the map so that you can find the hidden treasure buried on Cutthroat Island. The gameplay involves you scrolling along the screen and sword fighting pirates and other scoundrels one on one with various different attacks. As you progress you unlock more combos. This game is based on the film by the same name. -


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