AUTHOR: Sage's Creation RELEASE: 1990 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 35€

Ben und Andy, die beiden besten Agenten im Sondereinsatz, haben einen besonders gefährlichen Fall übernommen: Es gilt Mr. K und sein künstliches Lebenssystem zu vernichten. Mr. K hat Killer-Roboter konstruiert und plant die gesamte Erdbevölkerung und sämtliche sonstige Lebensformen auszurotten - und niemand außer Ben und Andy können ihn aufhalten! Helfen Sie ihnen in die kalte, utopische Stadt des Mr. K einzudringen, legen Sie Clystron-Bomben aus, und dann nichts wie raus! Mr. K muß um jeden Preis gestoppt werden!




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An evil warlord and his pet supercomputer are hell-bent on taking over the world, so the U.S. President sends in two Secret Service agents to take him out. Ported from the arcade game. This is no Contra, folks, as it requires a fair amount of strategy and planning to beat each level. Don't get me wrong - there's still a lot of shooting and stuff - but those with itchy trigger fingers will have to look elsewhere for their jollies.

Based on the arcade hit of the same name, CRACK DOWN puts you in the role of a 21st Century Special Service Agent. Your assignment is to infiltrate and reclaim control of a heavily fortified facility being used to synthesize artificial life forms which their evil creator plans to use for world domination. Your mission is to plant time bombs at specific locations within the complex before time runs out. As you work your way throughout the facility, you'll have to deal with the well-armed guards that patrol the area but you'd better be quick, or you'll end up a victim of your own bombs! If you're feeling out-numbered and overwhelmed, you can team up with a friend for some split-screen action that will blow you away!.

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