AUTHOR: Park Place Productions / Flying Edge RELEASE: 1994 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: DE / ENG / FR / ESP Partnumber: T-81296-50 EAN: 5023843023819 WERT: 15 Euro

Ran ans Tor!! 32 Nationalmannschaften treten zu knallharten Fußball-Gefechten an! Verbesserte Spielsteuerung - für Schüsse, Ecken und Einwürfe. Realistische Fallrückzieher, Kopfstöße, Fallen, Pässe und vieles mehr. Schiedsrichteraktionen, Fouls, Elfmeter, gelbe und rote Karten. Wähle englischen, spanischen französischen oder deutschen Text. Champions World Class Soccer: Es wird Zeit, die ganze Welt herauszufordern!








This soccer game offers 32 national teams to play, with none of the players' names shown. Shown from a slightly tilted 3rd-person side perspective, players can do an exhibition match, full tournament or go against a human player in the 2-player exhibition mode. The different teams are ranked by speed, offense and defence, and different team formations can be selected. The gameplay is very basic: players can pass, shoot, tackle with a third button used to switch between players. In the options menu, fouls and offside can be disabled, the amount of time per half can be determined and there is a radar and mini-map to track the other players. The European edition is endorsed by Ryan Giggs and the game uses a password system to continue tournaments. -

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