AUTHOR: SEGA / BlueSky RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Action Adventure SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch WERT: 25€

König Triton und seine Tochter Arielle kämpfen gegen die Gefahren der Tiefe. Als Triton retten Sie Ariel und brechen den Fluch der bösen Meereshexe Ursula. Als Arielle kämpfen Sie gegen verhexte Seeungeheuer und besiegen Ursula, um Triton und die Meermenschen zu retten.








Relive the magic of the animated Disney classic in this game based on the original story by Hans Christian Anderson. Ariel, a young mermaid and the daughter of King Triton, falls in love with a human prince. To win him, she must thwart the wiles of the evil sorceress Ursula, who plans on using her quest to take over the undersea kingdom and oust Triton. One of Disney's early arcade conversions and somewhat different than the SNES version. It's okay, but pales next to their other releases. Great graphics and gameplay make this worth the look. Tell your friends that you got it for your little sister.

Help either Ariel, the gleeful little mermaid, or Triton, her father, foil the evil Ursula, who has transformed everyone into small, green worm-like creatures, including the character you dont initially choose. Rescuing requires you to simply swim into the unfortunate little victims as they hang about at fixed places in the watery world; while fending off and dodging enemies like eels, clams, sharks, and several other sea meanies. Friends like Flounder and Sebastian can also be summoned for a little helping hand.


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