Sie sind groß, böse und gemein. Trauen Sie sich in den Ring zu den Virtua Fightern auf dem 32X? Spielhallenaction, - steuerung und -grafik, dazu alle 700 Bewegungen frisch aus dem Automaten. Revolutionäre Polygon-Farbabstufungen und genial wechselnde 3D-Blickwinkel lassen den Puls rasen. Acht Kämpfer treten an. Sie auch? Holen Sie die Spielhalle jetzt zu sich nach Hause - und erleben Sie die geballte Power Ihres 32X!


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SEGA Magazin Ausgabe 11/1995: [Grafik: 86% Sound: 86% Gesamt: 93%]
Fließende Animationen, farbenprächtige Hintergründe und flinke Polygone in Automatenqualität. Ganz klar das beste 32X-Spiel neben Virtua Racing Deluxe. Eine perfekte Automatenumsetzung mit verschiedenen Boni, die 32X-User begeistern wird.
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Just maybe (and this is a big maybe) if Sega hadn't blown it with the 32X and released the Saturn just days after it was released (ok, slight exaggeration), the small attachment just might of had a chance. Games like Virtua Fighter prove it. While by no means the definitive version for the home, this is by far and away the best game available for the ill-fated console. As is the norm, players select from one of many different combatants and take them on a quest to win a tournament. The difference here is that this one is in 3-D! Yes, 3-D! Polygons! Maybe this all sounded better 8 years ago, but considering the hardware, it's an outstanding achievement. Many of the same problems that plagued the original Saturn version are present here. Most of the polygons will flicker at least once during the battles and close-ups are NOT a sight you'll be anticipating any time soon. The frame rate is a bit choppier, somewhere in the realm of 15-25 fps. This can cause some issues with the controls as the moves simply aren't as fluid as they once were. Timing those magnificent combo strings will take some practice. A few new camera angles have been included, but you're still better off with the default view. The music is not only faithful, it sounds almost unreal coming from the alien-pod look-a-like thing that rests over your Genesis. Most (if not all) of the voice samples have been faithfully retained in stunning clarity… for the console of course. The static backgrounds have taken quite a hit in resolution, but are still adequate enough for this port. If you still find yourself meddling with those ridiculous metal clips on a regular basis, then this is a game you must, under all circumstances, purchase immediately. This is even more true for those who don't own a Saturn or will not be collecting CD based games. Go for this one next time you're in the market for 32X games. www.digitpress.com

I will never be able to forget the first time I saw Virtua Fighter in the arcade; it took my breath away. The cabinet was HUGE and always full with people, so much so that I hardly got to play it. SEGA managed to port this popular fighting game to this doomed console, but is it worth putting those damned metal clips on your Genesis again? Maybe… As with all 1-on-1 fighters, the objective of the game is to beat the hell out of your opponents into submission with style until you reach the last fight, and then beat the hell out of that thing as well. But Virtua Fighter has a different element. The „ring“ is just how you'd think it should be: if you fall out, you lose, if your opponent does, do I even need to explain? Ok, so the amazing (for their time) polygonal fighters of the Virtua Fighter arcade game were going to be a match for any console, and the Mushroom-that-could, the 32X, tries very hard. There had to be certain changes; much of the shading has been lost, and the backgrounds look even flatter than they did in the arcade version. Having said that, what has been sacrificed has in turn left the best parts intact. The characters move along at a very fluid pace, and all their individual frames of animation seem to have been retained. The animations on the faces of the characters at the character selection screen have also, thankfully, been retained. So the big creepy grins and raised eyebrows as you select each character are all there for you to enjoy. […] The replay value of this title will be higher if you get friends to come over to play. However, for all the work they did in porting it over to the 32X, there really is one other version of this title that compares to the arcade original (Saturn). For what you're getting it's worth what it should cost you (at most $15). It's a fair rendition of the arcade, and is definitely playable. It is not arcade-perfect, but I don't believe any of the home consoles available at the time this game out for would have been able to do any better than the 32X. It's not the arcade-perfect port I had hoped for, but I don't think it was a waste of money at all. If you have a Saturn than that version may be the way to go, since it is VERY CLOSE to being arcade-perfect. If you're a Virtua Fighter fan or own the 32X then get this! It's a very good game, and for one of the first 3D fighters to be released on a home console, it's a very impressive effort, but it won't make the world stop turning. www.SEGA-16.com

It’s no wonder that 32X enthusiasts rate Virtua Fighter as one of the system’s top games. Smooth and fast graphics, responsive game play, and unparalleled depth and complexity all add up to a game that can still compete with the best of today’s fighting games. This game was released late in the 32X’s short life span and wasn’t produced in particularly large quantities, so it may be a bit harder to locate compared to some other games. It’s worth looking for. www.the32xmemorial.com


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