AUTHOR: id Software / SEGA RELEASE: 1994 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 15 SPRACHE: Eng WERT: ~15€

Ein Alptraum wird Wirklichkeit! Monströse Dämonen aus einer grauenerregenden Dimension verwandeln eine friedliche Weltraumstation in einen Vorposten der Hölle. Nehmen Sie Ihren ganzen Mut zusammen und wagen Sie sich in eine beängstigend realistische 3D-Welt, um das Grauen zu bekämpfen und Ihre Haut zu retten!


SEGA Magazin Ausgabe 1/1995: [Grafik: 87% Sound: 78% Gesamt: 86%]
Hut ab vor den id-Jungs, die haben´s wirklich drauf! Schnell, detailliert und abwechslungsreich. Ein technisch brilliantes Actionspiel mit sehr guter Atmosphäre.
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Gamepro Ausgabe 1/1995: [Grafik: 2 Sound: 2- Gesamt: 3+]
Schrotflinte, Maschinengewehr, Raketenwerfer und Kettensäge - sind das wirklich die einzigen Werkzeuge heutiger Helden? Wieder einmal wird Gewalt im Übermaß zum alleinigen Aufhänger eines Spiels und der Spieler zur stupiden Killermaschine degradiert. Falls es die Spielehersteller noch nicht mitbekommen haben sollten: Es gibt auch Leute, die lieber ihr Hirn benutzen - wie wäre es mal mit Alternativen?
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The Union Aerospace Corporation has been experimenting with teleportation technology on Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos. After early successes, something goes wrong. It seems the scientists have opened a gateway straight to Hell. Phobos base is overrun with demonic creatures, and the whole of Deimos simply vanishes. A squad of marines is sent to Phobos, but all except one are quickly slaughtered. It falls to the surviving marine to grab some guns and strike back at the demons. id Software's follow-up to their genre-defining Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM is another first person shooter: full-on action seen from the space marine's perspective. Like Wolfenstein, the game consists of distinct episodes, playable in any order. The first episode, Knee-Deep in the Dead, takes place in the Phobos base and is freely available as shareware. The full game continues on Deimos in The Shores of Hell and culminates in Inferno, the final episode which takes place in Hell itself. Each episode consists of nine levels, one of which is a hidden level. […] DOOM drops some of Wolfenstein's arcade-inspired aspects, so there are no extra lives or treasures to be collected for points, but many other powerups are still available. Medpacks heal damage while armor protects from receiving it in the first place. Backpacks allow more ammunition to be carried, a computer map reveals the whole layout of the level on the automap (including any secret areas), light amplification visors illuminate dark areas and radiation suits allow travel over waste without taking damage. Also available are berserk packs (which radically increase the damage inflicted by the fists) as well as short-time invisibility and invulnerability powerups. The enemies to be destroyed include former humans corrupted during the invasion, plus demons in all shapes and sizes: fireball-throwing imps, floating skulls, pink-skinned demons with powerful bite attacks and large one-eyed flying monstrosities called Cacodemons. Each episode ends with a boss battle against one or two especially powerful creatures. www.Mobygames.com

The 32X Doom Port only has 15 levels up to E2M5, it's missing a few from E2 and there is none from E3,the last level is actually E2M9. Like the Jaguar port there is no Cyberdemon or Spider Mastermind. The frame rate is pretty slow about 20fps. The resolution fair, about the same as the jag but the colour isn't as good and you cant resize the screen. Music is on a FM (Ym actually) card, so it's not too good. The sound seems complete. There is no DM/Co-op support. After the final story scrolls, you see a „C:>“ prompt. (WTF?!?!) www.doomworld.com

It's Doom. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to get out more. Doom is the father of all first-person corridor shooters (Castle Wolfenstein is the grandfather), the progenitor of Quake,Unreal, and countless other imitators. Doom originally appeared on the PC way back in 1993, followed by its first console appearance on the Atari Jaguar. The 32x version is fast and fun, marred only by a static border around the edges of the screen, some missing enemy characters and levels (17 levels present out of 27), and a tendency towards excessive pixilation when viewing enemies and objects up close. The game is creepy and gory, with wave upon wave of 2-D monsters coming at you relentlessly. The frame rate is high and the control is tight, leaving one to wonder why Sega couldn’t get rid of the border and clean up the graphics a bit. Inexplicably, Sega left out minor features that should have been easy to implement, such as side views of the monsters (you only see them face-on), crushing ceilings, and several of the cooler “boss” monsters. In all likelihood, the 32x is capable of a PC-quality conversion, but Sega had to rush production of this important title in order to meet the launch date (Doom was a key launch title for the 32x and one of its biggest sellers.) Whatever the case, Doom is one of the better games in the 32x library and a blast to play, especially with its eerie soundtrack turned up high. www.the32xmemorial.com


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