AUTHOR: Opera House Inc. RELEASE: 1991 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 5 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7037 EAN: 4974365634377 WERT: 20 Euro

Eine Nachbarstadt ist in die Hände des unheilvollen „M“ und seinen „Soldaten der Dunkelheit“ gefallen. Gelange in die „Dunkle Zone“ und box', tret' und spreng' Dir Deinen Weg da durch, bis zu dem entscheidenden Gefecht!

A neighboring city has fallen into the hands of the sinister „M“ and his „Soldiers of the Darkness.“ Get inside the „Dark Zone“ and punch, kick and blast your way through to the final conflict!






Secret Options
At the title screen, after the character splits up and moves across screen, slowly press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Right, Left, Left.


Running Battle is one of the standard platform games where you get the feeling the programmers didn't spend to much time on the creation process. It begins with the boring story of a gangster boss called M and his gang Soldiers of the Darkness. Aren't those lame names? But at least so they fit the game. Running Battle sums the gameplay up in its title, you run around and fight enemies. Sometimes you even have to jump over small holes and still i wonder who creates a building with gaps in the floor? Even Tim Taylor wouldn't do that. Well back to the game. The first big problem is the fights with the enemies when you're unarmed. You have to reach them to show them your martial arts skill and that's the problem, cause the enemies tend you just stand on their point and punch the air. So you take damage in nearly every fight. I guess the programmers knew that and so they gave you weapons to find. There is a pistol and a rifle. The latter one is more powerful and you can kill several enemies with just one bullet. This makes the game to easy as with a weapon you can kill the enemies before they even reach you. Other Power-ups in this game are the super suit, which makes you stronger but last only for a short period of time and another one which makes you run faster. Then you can just run trough the enemies and kill them this way. Other things you find are the usual 1-Up and health restore. On your journey trough the levels, you will always see the same type of enemy in slightly different colors and later they have also weapons. But as they are dumber than bread they're no problem to beat. After every Level you will face a level boss in all its stereotype glory. There we have a pirate, a cowboy or a samurai and they look more like a village people cover-band than serious enemies but they are hard to beat. You can't use your weapons on them, while they can and the makes the fights a bit more difficult to win. Still the game is just way to easy and I guess you can't lose it. In the Level after the first enemy I found 3 1-Ups and so had 5 lives and a half energy bar. […] Running Battle is really a bad game and that's a shame, cause i think the programmers could easily avoid all the negative points like the boring levels, the lame graphics and the repetitive gameplay. Great games like Alex Kidd in Miracle World or Castle of Illusion have shown how to make great platform games. So you shouldn't buy this game, unless you're a collector and need every game. Otherwise stick to the great jump and runs on the master system like the two named above. -

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