AUTHOR: Ocean / Acclaim RELEASE: 1993 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-27064-50 EAN: 5023843027923 WERT: 35 Euro

Die Altstadt von Detroit. In den Straßen lauern dunkle Gefahren. Robocop! Mit modernsten Waffen, einer Haut aus Stahl und den dazu passenden Nerven stürzt er auf sein Opfer. Kein Übel ist vor ihm sicher!

Old Detroit. The streets are full of danger. Only one man can stand alone against such numbers. ROBOCOP! With state of the art weaponry, a skin of steel and nerves to match he stalks his prey…evil-doers everywhere!








RoboCop 3 is a side-scrolling platform shooter. You get missions (such as rescuing your colleagues who are being kept hostages), which are divided into several smaller levels. The levels usually consist of several platforms, and are heavily populated by enemies who shoot at you. You can gather special repair kits, which will be used to restore your health after you've completed a level. „RoboCop 3“ is more of a shooter than its predecessors, having more and tougher enemies. -

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