AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1988 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-5106-50 EAN: 4974365633066 WERT: 25 Euro

Ihre Freunde sind hinter den feindlichen Linien eingeschlossen. Sie sind verwundet und brauchen Ihre Hilfe, um zu entkommen. Sie geleiten Sanitäter hinein… bei der Ausführung eines gefährlichen Rettungsauftrags.

Your friends are trapped behind enemy lines. They're wounded and need your help to escape. You're taking the medics in…on a dangerous rescue mission.








Ah good old Rescue Mission, one of the few titles compatible with the Sega Light Phaser that was worth playing. I remember I got this game with my light phaser one Christmas, the phaser I received came with a combo cartridge of Marksman shooting/Trap shooting and Safari hunt, after playing those games first on Christmas day I have to admit I was a little disappointed with the light phaser I had drooled over in the games catalogue for months. My concerns were immediately alleviated upon inserting this little beauty into the cartridge slot! Rescue Mission is a fast paced blast-a-thon of a game; you play with an overhead view as some kind of “air support” for your character that moves by cable cart to rescue injured comrades on the battlefield. Each comrade you find you have to allow your medic to heal before you can proceed any further in the level, and this is where your medic is most vulnerable! You must protect him at all costs! If your medic dies don't worry too much, still another two remain, each medic has different skills, one heals really quickly, one moves fast and one is just a plain pain in the ass who stops moving every 30 seconds for a break! […] Rescue Mission is in my opinion the best available title that uses the Light Phaser, it’s a fun and addictive and isn't too frustrating. There is always something to do in this game, you never find yourself looking at an empty screen, with the addition of a rapid fire unit the game gets much easier, but this isn't required. If you don't own this then you should stop concentrating on all of those „rare“ games and pick up this „fun“ game. -

Rescue Mission is a lackluster title that's even more repetitive than most light-gun titles (hard to imagine, huh?). The game begins with the obligatory mission briefing in the form of verbose, slow-scrolling text (zzz…). Your three lives are represented by individual soldiers, and with names like „Mike Beginner“ and „Lazy Steve“, they don't inspire much confidence. Your mission is to protect a medic who wheels around on a handcart while providing medical attention to injured troops along the train track. Enemy soldiers descend upon the medic from all directions, and you must pick them off, detonate mines, and knock out projectiles like rockets and boomerangs. The shooting action is pretty run-of-the-mill, with hesitating enemies that give you ample time to take them out. The hardest part of the game is resisting the urge to shoot your injured compatriots whom you're supposed to be saving (I blame my itchy trigger finger). Don't feel bad if you accidentally shoot one though, because an angelic animation will clearly show him ascending to heaven (unlike enemy soldiers which are cast directly into hell). Rescue Mission doesn't offer much in the way of eye candy, but I like how the cart plows through enemies in its way. Occasional smart bombs let you destroy all foes on the screen, and they're most satisfying to use in the swamp stage, causing soldiers in jet-packs to rain from the sky. The aiming controls are forgiving enough, but I found it hard to hit targets on the far left edge of the screen. Rescue Mission isn't particularly fun, and I hate how you have to restart the entire stage when you lose a life. The music is terribly inappropriate. Instead of an urgent military theme, there's a happy-go-lucky melody more appropriate for Lester the Chipmunk in Lollipop Land. All in all, Rescue Mission is a thoroughly forgettable shooter that will elicit yawns from even the most ardent light gun fans. Note: Having trouble getting your light gun to work? Crank up the brightness of your TV screen. -

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