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AUTHOR: Technos Japan Corp. RELEASE: 1993 TYP: Beat'em Up SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 4 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7116 EAN: 4974365637163 WERT: 50 Euro

Sie sind ein Rächer mit eisenharten Fäusten, der die Stadt vom Verbrechersyndicat befreien will. Jagen Sie die Gangster aus den Straßen. Fordern Sie Motorradgangs zu gefährlichen Autobahnduellen heraus! Schlagen Sie sich durch Horden bewaffneter Unterweltler zum Hauptquartier des Syndikats durch, und gewinnen Sie den endgültigen Kampf!

You're an iron-fisted vigilante out to save your city from the evil Syndicate. Brawl down and dirty in the streets. Challenge biker gangs to a dangerous highway battle! Punch past armed thugs on your way through the Syndicate mansion and the ultimate fight!








Renegade was an old game by the time it reached the Master System in 1993, as the arcade came out in 1986. So was it worth the long wait and worth finding today? It's a beat-em-up in the style of Streets of Rage and Double Dragon, where you must beat up and knock out all the thugs by punching and kicking them down or by doing flying kicks and forcing them off the edge of the platform. When you first start playing the game, the frustration level can get very high when trying to get the better of the thugs, as pulling off moves can be very hard until you gain the knack of it. The game is a two player game but not at the same time. To me this is a complete waste as even Double Dragon attempts a two player mode. There is some variety in the levels in hope to keep you interested. […] Some games have it and some don't. For me this game is only average. Double Dragon and Streets of Rage are much better all-round games to play, offering fun and easy controls. Renegade isn't a bad game however, it's just others do it better. - www.smstributes.co.uk

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