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AUTHOR: Atari Games Corp. RELEASE: 1991 TYP: Strategie SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 7 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 301026-0160 EAN: 5022231210411 WERT: 25 Euro

In Rampart sind die besten Strategie-Rätselspiele mit dynamischer Handlung und mittelalterlichen Kämpfen kombiniert. Rampart erlaubt bis zu zwei Spielern gleichzeitig, ins Mittelalter zurückzureisen, um Festungen zu bauen und Kanonen aufzustellen wie früher die mächtigen Lords und Barone… Dann müssen sie sich zum Kampf auf ganzer Linie bereithalten!

Rampart combines the best of strategy puzzle games with dynamic action and medieval destruction. Rampart allows up to 2 players at a time to travel back in time to the middle ages, building fortifications and positioning cannons, just as the powerful Lords and Barons once did… Now prepare for all out battle!








Go back to the Middle Ages, build a castle and attack your enemies! I can’t really think of another SMS game quite like Rampart. What makes it even better is that two people can play against each other, increasing the variety available from this game. Rampart is basically a strategy-type game where you select your fort, surround it completely with walls for protection, place as many cannons as you can manage to fit within those walls out of the cannons you are allocated, and then battle it out with ships who's job it is to destroy those walls. One type of ship carries troops which it can drop to shore if it gets close enough. These troops can destroy unprotected forts so they must be eliminated, either by surrounding them with walls, or using your cannons against them in battle mode. But perhaps the most fearsome enemy is the so called 'Flagships', red coloured ships which fire flaming cannonballs. These cannonballs render the spot they hit ‘dead’, so you can’t build anything on it. You start off by selecting a fort. All games start off in the same area, and there are three forts to choose from. Build your walls using wall pieces which look like Tetris pieces, then place your cannons, because it's Battle time! Try and sink as many ships as you can, at this early stage you only have to go up against the 'Gunships', which are easily sunk with only two hits. After battle mode ends (approximately 20 seconds), rebuild the damage caused by the ships. The aim here is to rebuild your castle and extend it, so as to provide as much enclosed space as possible for more cannons, because as we all know, more cannons equals more firepower. There’s always at least one other fort that you can add to your sprawling castle, for extra points. If you manage to surround at least one fort, battle mode will come up again and you can destroy any ships which were damaged in the previous battle but haven’t sunk, and sink any new ones. Once you collect enough points, which you get for surrounding as many forts as you can as and for destroying ships, you conquer that round and it's on to the next round. A map of the island will come up and you have a choice of three areas for Round 2. You will end up playing all three areas, as well as three more areas not on this island. The last three areas are two tracts of land (meaning two shore lines for more battle fun), and the final round is a tiny island with only two forts (and a lake!), so ships come at you from all corners here! If you are too slow in surrounding a fort and the time runs out, you lose a chance to get to the next round. You have 3 chances before its game over. That's all for a one player game. Rampart can also be played by two players. Once you start a game, player two has some time to jump into the game, so instead of ships, player one battles it out with player two. The map is divided by a river, with a player on each side. To tell you the truth I haven’t played the two player game that much, but I’m pretty sure there are variations on a river-down-the-middle level. […] With some appropriate music and some graphical improvements this game could have been even better, but as it is it’s a very enjoyable strategy game. With the option of one and two player modes, as well as the various difficulty levels for one player games this one should keep fans (and even non-fans) of strategy games occupied for a while, if at least just to beat your high score! - www.Smstributes.co.uk

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