AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1988 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 7 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-7015-50 EAN: 4974365634155 WERT: 15 Euro

John Rambo, Amerikas beliebtester Soldat, unternimmt einen tollkühnen Rettungsversuch gegen eine russische Militärbasis tief im vom Krieg zerrisenen Afghanistan. Ein Light-Phaser-Spiel, das Ihre Kampffähigkeiten bis an die Grenze auf die Probe stellt.

He's back! Now, live the movie Rambo III on your Sega System! Colonel Trautman has been captured by the Soviet forces in Afghanistan. The C.I.A. is ready to leave him there. They are afraid a rescue mission will cause an international incident. You don't care what it causes. Trautman is your friend…and you're going in to get him back! For weapons you have a Sega Ligh Phaser with the power of an AK-47 and the blast of a hand grenade. But the Soviets know you are coming and they're armed and waiting! Gunship helicopters. Spetsnaz troopers. Their meanest fighters. But you're Rambo, the eternal warrior. If anyone can beat the odds and rescue Trautman, it's you. But this battle won't be easy. After all, you're the one they called expendable..








I had one heck of a time getting this game to work on my TV, but I'm glad I finally did, because Rambo III's brand of mindless shooting mayhem is right up my alley. I had to really crank up the contrast and brightness to get the light gun to properly register. Each of the game's seven stages offers a unique locale including a village, prison camp, and Soviet base at night. As the camera slowly pans the scenery, enemy soldiers pop out behind jeeps, barrels, and other obstacles. Occasionally a helicopter will attack from the air. The light gun control is pretty accurate, but the game is unforgiving and some foes can absorb multiple shots before going down. You'll want to be careful not to blast civilians, but since the game plays the same each time through, it doesn't take long to recognize the patterns. Besides shooting like a madman, you can employ a bomb by shooting an icon at the bottom of the screen, and there's a health icon down there as well. Rambo III's graphics are fairly elaborate, and a rousing military march keeps the adrenaline flowing. Several continues are available, and taking into account the difficulty and fact that your score doesn't reset, it's reasonable to treat these as additional lives. I did notice one odd bug in stage two. When you shoot the guys camped out on the roofs of houses, the mountains behind them change shape! Rambo III is not exceptional in any way, but if you're in the mood for some simple shooting action, you'll have a ball. -

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