AUTHOR: Irem Corp. RELEASE: 1988 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 8 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-9002-50 EAN: 4974365635220 WERT: 30 Euro

Sie stehen allein den Kreaturen des schrecklichen Bydo-Reichs gegenüber! Steuern Sie das streng geheime Kampfraumschiff R-9 durch die Angriffswellen der Eindringlinge und deren tödliche Kriegsmaschinerie.

It's R-TYPE arcade action for your Sega system! The galaxy is in deep peril: fould creatures from the evil Bydo Empire have warped across space to invade and conquer our planet! There is only one hope for victory. The Earth Defense League has chosen you to pilot R-9, a nuclear-powered space fighter that can cut through invading aliens faster than a light saber through butter. Fly R-9 through eight exciting levels of high-powered action. Use your plasma gun to rip through armies of nasty creatures and their deadly machines. And when the going gets really tough, pick up Droid Units to make your ship ever harder hitting. You'll be up against creatures so mean and ugly they'll make your hair stand on end. But Earth is depending on you. So strap yourself in the cockpit, put your fingers on the triggers, and blast 'em out of the skies!






Extra Credits
If you lose game, you can get more than the standard 3 credits by rotating the D-pad on controller clockwise. As you do this, the credit total rises to a max of 10. NOTE: I own one copy of this game that requires counter clockwise rotation.

Even more Extra Credits
During sound test, Play effect 62 three times then exit sound test. Play game. On continue screen rotate D-pad clockwise for more credits. Up to 30. This code can be repeated. NOTE: Only 17 sounds appear on sound test. If you hold button 2 and press RIGHT, you can access up to 95 sounds.


Well, it’s time to talk about the most famous and recognized SMS Shoot´em up there is, R-TYPE, released in 1988. This game was one of the first to show the true power of the SMS, and it’s a damn shame that only Power Strike I and II were able to surpass this one from a technical point of view. This is my favourite SMS Shoot´em up, I’ve played it countless times and only reached the end of it two times without using dirty tactics (like invincibility). The containers in the sixth level and Bydo in the last level were always too much for me. I was used to play top scrolling shoot´em up´s in my spectrum like 1942. R-Type made part of a genre that was new to me, and I have to say I love it, side-scrolling all the way baby. In the SMS, only Aerial Assault and Sagaia followed this genre. Unlike a number of shooters, R-Type was not only difficult and playable but had also variety in its levels. For instance, in level three the Boss was the level (a gigantic mothership), in the fourth level the main problem was opening way through thousands of little obstacles that paved the entire level, and in the sixth level you had to destroy the containers of death. Each level was very different and the weapons you should use and power up´s to catch were fundamental to be successful. No more catch all power-ups that do the same thing in all the levels!!! […] You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s awkward to have the best in its genre released in the beginning of a console’s life cycle, but this only help us realize how badly the SMS was treated and overlooked. Fortunately we know how good our SMS is!!! R-Type is a fantastic conversion of an arcade classic that every SMS aficionado must own!!! Enough talk, time to play the game. -

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