AUTHOR: Sega RELEASE: 1987 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-5073-50 EAN: 4974365632731 WERT: 23 Euro

Raumkolonie Nr. 9 wird von einer Invasion der graumsamsten Art bedroht. Angriff der Außerirdischen. Nur Sie haben die Macht, diese heimtückischen Wesen aufzuhalten. Und damit die Raumkolonie vor dem Zusammenbruch zu bewahren.

If you hate aliens, you'll love Quartet! You see, space colony Number Nine is being threatened by an invasion of the most dangerous kind. Alien attack. And the place is crawling with them. These vicious, vile parasites have even managed to confiscate the casket of the late, great Queen Cynthia. It's your job to exterminate these treacherous creatures. To return the casket to it's [sic] hallowed tomb. And save the colony from certain collapse. You'll have special equipment to help you along the way. Like a supersonic jet engine, a special bomb, missiles and a magic key. But time is running out. So don't just stand there thinking about it. Get on it. And get rid of this gruesome group. For good!






Pro Action Replay Codes
00C0 1603 Infinite Lives (Player 1)
00C2 C099 Infinite Time (Player 1)
00C2 C110 Invincibility
00C0 0F0X Stage Select (replace X with 0-5)

Wide beam shot when you start the game
Press the pause button 14 times at the title screen and then start the game with one or two players.

Level Select
At the title screen, press Pause x 12, then hold Up+Left on controller 2, then press button 1 on either controller.

Sound Test
At the title screen, press Pause x 4, then press button 1 on controller 2.


This side-scrolling platform shooter is all about two-player cooperative action, but from the title wouldn't you expect a four player game? Quartet stars a bald-headed dude and a chick. The manual does not specify if they are romantically involved, and frankly that's none of your damn business! The opening stage takes place on a moon surface with metal platforms, birdlike enemies, and shooting mushrooms. The controls are responsive but it feels like the jump and shoot buttons should be reversed (a common lament). You can fire two shots at a time but your range is limited to half the screen. Destroyed creatures leave little crystals behind that you can snag for big points. Each area looks totally unique (palace, cave, ice, bubbles), but navigating between them is disconcerting. The key to success in Quartet is acquiring the jetpack which lets you move freely and never runs out of fuel. The second key to success is keeping the jet pack, as it gets knocked off whenever you take a hit. The coop aspect of Quartet really shines when you jump off your partner's shoulders to reach a object… like a jetpack. Naturally the programmers were compelled to incorporate a few annoyances keep the fun factor from getting out of hand. Certain enemies like floating lips and blinking eyeballs can sustain so many hits you wonder if you're doing any damage! And when you do finally kill them they respawn almost immediately (c'mon!). Enemies tend to converge from above or below, but you can only fire sideways. I hate how my character freezes in place after taking a hit, but in fairness you can withstand a lot of hits. It's not perfect but Quartet is a wholesome little shooter I even enjoyed playing solo. -

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