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AUTHOR: Tengen / Namco RELEASE: 1991 TYP: Strategie SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 19 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-25010-50 EAN: 5021093160940 WERT: 20 Euro

Der Nummer 1 Arcade Smash Hit!! Auf den scrollenden 3D-Spielfeldern von Pacmania trifft Pacman die stärkste Herausforderung seines Lebens. Dort, wo viele spannende neue Welten und tief versteckte Levels zu entdecken sind, und ausgerüstet mit einem neuen Super-Bounce, stellt sich PACMAN den drei widerlichen Typen: Clyde, Sue und Funky. Um sie zu überlisten, muss er seine ganze Geschwindigkeit und Schlauheit anwenden… Und dann kommt das allerwichtigste… Essen!!!

The Arcade No. 1 Smash Hit! Pacman faces his toughest challenge yet in the 3D scrolling playfields of Pacmania. With exciting worlds to discover, secret levels to find and armed with new super BOUNCE power, PACMAN has to use speed and cunning to outwit those creeps, Clyde, Sue and Funky and get on with the serious business of … eating!!!






Secret Level
Complete the first maze without eating any of the power pills (including special item pills) and you will be taken to a secret maze that is made of money bags.

Pro Action Replay Codes
00C0 4003 Infinite Lives


Of course as video gamers, we all know and love pacman. The concept was so simple, and as with Space Invaders, highly addictive. I'm not too sure which version of pacmania came first, but I do know that the first version of it that I played was on the Acorn of all systems. I absolutely loved it and so when it was released on the Master System I very quickly got hold of a copy. The concept of the new and improved 'pacman of the nineties' is broadly the same as the original game. As pacman, you must gobble all of the dots on each level, avoiding Clyde, Sue and Funky (the ghosts) unless you munch a power-up which then turns the hunters into the hunted! Oh how I love seeing the ghosts hard on your tail only to turn and run (read: float), as though it were Ken Dodd seeing the tax-man coming! As an added twist in pacmania you can now 'bounce' and this - if judged correctly can be a useful tool when you find yourself surrounded! Those poor ghosts just never saw it coming… All in all, Pacmania's gameplay is just as addictive as the original, and clearly the developers were careful not to meddle overly with the main concept - something that has spoiled many a sequal of an original masterpiece. […] Again, Pacmania is a game that everyone should enjoy, young or old and no matter your favourite genre of game. As such it's always good to play even if you only have a spare five minutes, no matter how many times you've played it it will always have replay value. I've always found it quite strange that when great, or even good games are discussed for the Master system that Pacmania is rarely brought into the discussion. It is a gem, and often overlooked unfairly. You all know the concept, it hasn't changed radically and if you don't own it then you really should hang your head in shame. For the sake of a couple of pounds or dollars on ebay, or down at your local game store in the bargain bin - get it. GET IT NOW! - www.smstributes.co.uk

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