AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1987 TYP: 3rd-Person Racing SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-7003-50 EAN: 4974365634032 WERT: 15 Euro

Ein Action-Rennabenteuer auf Straßenpisten testet Ihre Fahrtechnik, mit hoher Geschwindigkeit und auf wechselnden Strecken. Rasen Sie mit Vollgas durchs Ziel. Erleben Sie realistische Effekte wie Beschleunigung, Spurwechsel, wechselnde Strecken, plötzliche Kurven und vieles mehr.

Brace yourself for the most realistic racing experience yet. And to play, you've got to have what it takes: NERVE, SKILL and BRAINS. NERVE - you're behind the wheel of a supertuned race car with one speed only: fast. SKILL - you're maneuvering a car that can nearly reach a simulated 270 KMH. BRAINS - because you're in control of your car's speed and handling at a dangerous pace, you have to use your head and not just your hands to survive. So ge geared for the ride of your life and stay alert. The track may look terrific, but at these speeds anything can turn into a danger zone. Out Run - the exciting home version of the original video arcade game created and made available exclusively by Sega.






Music Test
At the song selection screen, press Right, Left, Down, Up, and then select a song and press 1 to hear it play.

Less Time
After you enter the sound test code and start a song playing, press Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Left, Down, Up, then either Left or Right + 1 to start with 75 seconds, or Down + 1 to start with 70 seconds on the timer instead of the usual 80 seconds.


Most people who were old enough can still remember the impression Outrun made on them the first time they saw it in an arcade. Compared to driving games around before it such as Pole Position and Konami GT it was jaw-dropping. It's superb sprite-scaling effect made it look just what it was, the start of a new era for 3D arcade games. In 1987 Sega converted it to the Master System. Could they achieve the impossible and bring the experience into people's homes? Outrun, for those who don't know, is a driving game against the clock. There are 15 stages in the game, although only 5 have to be completed in order to finish the game. At the end of each individual stage there is a fork in the road, and the direction you take depends on which stage you encounter next. The driving experience on the master system is good. Unlike a lot of the home computer conversions the way the car corners and skids is quite faithfully to the original. The fact that you can hit other cars and not grind to a complete standstill keeps the action moving. The lines in the road and the number of track-side objects help give the game an excellent feeling of speed. Inevitably there are a few things missing from the original. There are no lorries on the roads. When you flip the car it's passengers don't end up on the floor. However there are also things included that you might not have expected to make the 8 bit version such as hills in the road, the overhead 'gateway' in stage 2 and the music select screen. […] Outrun is not really difficult . If you play it enough and learn where the bends are you'll end up being able to beat it more times than not. However that applies to the arcade version too. I think when I first bought it in 87 I'd managed to see and finish every route within days. The fact I played it to death for years after meant that it had that something special that made you keep coming back, if only to beat your best scores and times. You might wonder if maybe because I'm such a big fan of the original arcade game this review is biased. All I can say is that where possible I've bought Outrun for every home computer or console I've had and I've played some stinking versions. I remember being so excited about the prospect of the game on the Commodore Amiga only to find out it was very poor. I've recently bought the 'jazzed up' version on the Sega Classics Collection for the PS2 and that too is absolute drivel. When done right this game felt so good to play. It was a major, major challenge for Sega to convert it to the SMS and they pulled it off. They knew the limits of the system and managed to push the game to the edge of them limits without forsaking what makes Outrun special in the first place. -

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