AUTHOR: Coreland RELEASE: 1986 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 4501 EAN: - WERT: 13 Euro

Ihre Freundin wird von Mohikan, dem Anführer einer Gruppe ausgeflippter Rowdys, vor Ihren Augen entführt. Retten Sie Ihre Freundin aus den Händen dieser uncharmanten Gang. Aber Vorsicht, denn der Weg ist äußerst gefährlich. Mit Messerwerfern, fliegenden Flaschen und zähnefletschenden Bulldoggen ist nicht zu spaßen. Und Mohikan ist auch nicht ohne. Doch Ihre Kung Fu Fähigkeiten können sich auch sehen lassen. Also, ran an den Feind.

A bunch of seedy punks try to steal your girl. Battle knife throwers, ferocious bulldogs, flying bottles, even the gang leader—Mohikan. Hopelessly overwhelming? Take heart. You have incredible kung fu skills. But the punks have your girl.






Extra Lives
You can do the following to get extra lives. 1. When you come to a knife-thrower, jump over him instead of killing him. 2. Do the same thing to the man throwing metal balls. 3. When you see the group of bulldogs, kick the first one and then jump so you end up behind the last one.


It's evident that this game was ported from the arcade by the fact that it's so incredibly HARD. If you can stay alive for over a minute, you're doing a good job. You actually earn points for each step forward, which underscores the difficulty. The premise of My Hero is as corny as its name. A thug with a Mohawk has taken off with your girl, and you have to battle wave after wave of lowlifes to get her back. You also need to dodge bombs and bottles dropped from windows. Your character looks like a big dork wearing a blue prom tux. He can jump, punch, duck, and kick, but his best attack is the flying kick. When you strike an enemy, he flies diagonally off the screen. What makes the game so hard is that one hit (touch really) will kill you instantly. There's little room for error, so when you accidentally duck instead of kick, you'll pay the price. Still, there's something to be said for arcade-style games like this. It has an addictive quality that keeps you coming back. -

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