AUTHOR: Nexa Corporation RELEASE: 1988 TYP: Strategie SPIELER: 10 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-5500-50 EAN: 4974365635404 WERT: 25 Euro

Willkommen zu dem Original-Immobilienhandelsspiel, bei dem Sie ebensoviel Aktion, Spaß und Spannung haben werden, wie bei dem ursprünglichen Brettspiel MONOPOLY.

Welcome to the original real estate trading game where everything brings you the same action, fun and excitement as the MONOPOLY board game.








Let's get something straight up front: If you want to play Monopoly with another person, you do NOT want to play it on a video game system. Buy the board game for Pete's sake! On the other hand, if you can't find anyone else willing to play this tedious, long game, then this version will provide plenty of computer challengers. I'm not a big fan of Monopoly, but found myself playing this game longer than I thought I would. From what I've seen, you can do just about anything in this version that you can do in the real game. The main screen provides an overhead view of the board and critical stats for all players, but it's difficult to make out the tiny pieces and houses. Fortunately, when a piece moves you get treated to a nice scrolling close-up of the board. There are a few little animations (like going to jail), but overall there's nothing fancy here. The menus are well-designed so you can make your decisions without a big hassle. One nice feature is the „speed up“ button, which speeds up the game during the computer's turn. Another useful feature turns off that annoying music (thank you!). It won't replace the board game, but this version of Monopoly is a respectable one-player game. -

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