AUTHOR: SIMS Co. RELEASE: 1993 TYP: Beat'em Up SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 4 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7124 EAN: 4974365637248 WERT: 75 Euro

Suchen Sie sich einen von vier riesenhaften Kämpfern aus, von denen jeder über eine Reihe von Spezialbewegungen und Kampftechniken verfügt, und nehmen Sie den Kampf gegen die anderen drei auf! Kämpfen Sie gegen einen Freund in einem Schaukampf oder schlagen Sie sich bis zur Spitze durch im Ein-Spieler-Turnier, wo Sie um Ihr Leben - und das Laben aller Menschen auf der Erde kämpfen müssen!

Choose one of four colossal fighters, each one with a number of special moves and fighting techniques, and go head-to-head against the other three! Take on a friend in the exhibition combat, or make your way to the top in the one-player tournament, where you must fight for your life - and the lives of all the people on Earth!






Play as Alien
Complete the game on Normal or Hard level. Now there's an EXTRA level available in the options screen, which will make the Alien character playable

Extra Options
Get a high score and enter the initials KEY. This unlocks the Extra Level as well as a 'No Wait For NTSC' option, which makes the game run proportionally faster on NTSC (US/Japanese) consoles and a 'Enemy Zero Life' option where enemies are defeated after a single hit.


In the year 20XX, a U.F.O. lands in the area around Megalo City. A team is sent to investigate, but they find no trace of any life form inside. After a year has passed, the city's mayor, out of nowhere, decides to host a fighting tournament to determine the strongest fighter in the world. However, something sinister seems to be going on… Masters of Combat is a versus fighting game, where you choose one of the final four participants in the tournament and need to defeat your three opponents and yourself in a mirror match, before you can take on the final boss. Unlike most fighters, the game does not use „up“ on the D-pad for jumping, but one of the other buttons, leaving one button for punches and kicks. The game has three levels of difficulty, but the easiest mode ends after four of the five fights. -

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