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AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1986 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-41018-50 EAN: - WERT: 150 Euro

Jetzt gibt es ein wirklichkeitsnahes Fußballspiel. Anstoß! Gehen Sie vor durch die Mitte! Jetzt ein gekonntes Dribbel und dann ein präzises Abspiel zu einem Mitspieler. Schon sind Sie wieder in Ballbesitz. Ein kräftiger Schuß und der Ball fliegt im gestreckten Bogen aufs Tor. Da ist auch schon ein Mitspieler zur Stelle und - Toooor! Wie beim wirklichen Sport gibt es auch bei diesem FUSSBALL Abseits, Eckstoß und viele andere Regeln. Erleben Sie ein spannendes und wirklichkeitsnahes Fußballspiel. Für 1 oder 2 Spieler

An authentic soccer game is now yours for the playing. Kick off! Break through the center and with presicse footwork, quickly pass the ball to a team member in your march down the field. Now it's back to you and you get off a great kick! The ball curves and arcs its way towards the goal. Oh no! It hits the goalpost and bounces off but is immediately taken by your teammate who follows up with a great shot and scores! As in the actual sport, GREAT SOCCER includes OFFSIDE, CORNER KICKS and many other rules, thus adding greatly to its appeal as a truly exciting and authentic soccer game.








Here's another pathetic entry to Sega's „Great“ sport series. The cartoonish players wander around aimlessly, and they ALL have arrows over their heads. Shouldn't only the player you're controlling have the arrow? Oh, he has the outlined arrow - NOW it all makes sense (a little sarcasm there). As soon as your player touches the ball, he automatically kicks it a few feet ahead, and with so many other players crowded around, it's impossible to maintain any degree of control over the ball. You can't dribble and there are no headers, bicycle kicks, or any other standard moves. I recommend playing Great Soccer with one hand, so you can use the other to hold your nose. Playing this is a painful experience, as the ball tends to be kicked around endlessly in the same small area. At least the scrolling field doesn't look bad, and the ball does rotate nicely. High-pitched background music whines nonstop and will have you lunging for the volume control. I reviewed Great Soccer with longtime friend and Master System expert Eric V., and even he was astonished by how putrid this wretched piece of garbage is. - Videogamecritic.com

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