AUTHOR: Capcom RELEASE: 1988 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 5 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7055 EAN: 4974365634551 WERT: 20 Euro

Der hinterlistige und gemeine Loki hat das schöne, friedliche Königreich Lexet erneut überfallen und sämtliche Bewohner in Angst und Schrecken versetzt. Sie sind Sir Arthur und müssen Ihr Dorf verteidigen und die atemberaubende Schönheit, Prinzessin Tamara, retten! Also legen Sie Ihre Rüstung an, nehmen Sie Ihre Waffen, und vernichten Sie Loki und seine bösartigen Kreaturen!

The time is yesteryear, when knights scoured the countryside in search of the Holy Grail, defended the honor of fair maidens and fought a never-ending battle against rampant evil forces. Thrown into this mayhem is the courageous Sir Arthur. A victorious knight with the awesome task of penetrating the Demon's Castle to pulverize the Prince of Darkness. You'll travel through the Place of Execution, the Village of Decay, the Town of Fire, and the Crystal Forest with an arsenal of weapons at your side. And when you're really down on your luck, magic fights might with powerful results. The only problem? You'll have to learn how to use it. Because their magic has the power to change you into a helpless duck, among other things. But there's not much time. Lives depend on you. So brandish your sword and make mincemeat of your foes.






Secret Options
At the title screen press Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left. This will take you to an options menu where you can select your level, chose your armour and weapons and choose your number of lives and invincibility.


Ghouls 'n Ghosts is a conversion of the popular arcade game of the 80's. It's a run, jump and shoot type of game or an action platformer game that was released on a lot of other systems. The idea of the game is to save your princess who has been abducted by the evil Loki. It's a platformer game where you run to the right, take out the baddies with your lance and jump a few gaps here and there. If you see a chest, give it a few hits and see what comes out. If it's a wizard then kill him otherwise he will curse you with a spell. If a gateway appears, go in and see what you can get. You can only get one of the items at a time either stronger armour, faster shoes, a different helmet or a different weapon (including daggers, the discus and fireballs). When a new helmet is acquired, you get an upgrade in magic spells. To cast them, press the pause button to see what you can do. […] It's a great conversion of the arcade and compared to other 8bit platforms, it's one of the best with no waiting for loading. The best thing is that it is not an expensive game to buy either, so worthy purchase. -

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