AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 4 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-29001-50 EAN: 4974365636418 WERT: 15 Euro

Die Zukunft der Junos Galaxis hängt an einem Faden. Das böse Vierte Reich beabsichtigt die Alleinherrschaft und überfällt und erobert alle Planeten auf seinem Vormarsch. Sie sind die letzte Überlebenshoffnung der Galaxis.

The future of the Junos Galaxy hangs by a thread. The evil Fourth Empire is intent on total domination, invading and conquering all planets in its path. You're the Galaxy's last hope for survival.








Made in the hey-day of SEGA's sprite scaling hardware (After Burner, Out Run) in the arcades, Galaxy Force is a combination of After Burner and G-Loc R-360 set in space. The game is divided into four „scenes“, or planets: the A world is a green planet, world B is a fire-ridden lava planet, world C is a green water planet and world D is barren ice planet. You must fly your spaceship above the planet's surface, facing not only Space Harrier-style enemy attack waves, but also natural phenomena such as meteorites, lava eruptions and tornadoes. To fight them, you have a vulcan as well as an undepletable stock of missiles. Once you have fought your way across the planet, you enter a tunnel system in the inner confines of the planet. As the tunnel turns, you are given directions as to which way you must manoeuvre, but the narrow tunnel gives you little space to take evasive action. Once you escape the tunnel, the entire planet is destroyed, leading you towards the ultimate boss encounter. -

After Burner, Space Harrier, Outrun, Outrun Europa, Battle Outrun, Chase H.Q. - all these games had that psuedo 3D thing going on and the majority of them, in my opinion, are massively average, with Space Harrier being one of the main exceptions - it was class. So does Galaxy Force break the curse of meidocrity that plagues the genre or does it simply blast it's way into the pantheon of meh…? You take control of a rather nifty looking starfighter and hope you don't crash into wave after wave of enemies and asteroids that, at times, seem to pop up right in front of you. Can you blast them in time or will you end up getting imploded in space like that bit in Event Horizon? And to pardoy that film one last time and play on one of Sam Niel's more memorable lines 'Where you're going you'll definately need eyes to see,' - to see beyond the flickering, epileptic fit enducing base sections that is. Gameplay runs a little like this when you get to these parts; keep pressing fire and moving round the screen in a semi-skilled/semi-fluky bid to blow up some stuff and hope you make it. Next up you have to adhere to some on screen prompts in a ass-clenching bid to not crash into jerky, flashing, walls, all while dodging roof mounted cannons and missile attacks. Sounds great doesn't it? […] It could have been blah, blah, blah: So many games could have been awesome but they we'ren't and this is just another failed effort to fling on top of the pile. Graphics and sound are it's only true boon but do yourself a favour and just check out the screens shots. Save your money for Space Harrier and your sanity for better ventures. -

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