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 ^[[mastersystem:​f|ZURÜCK ZUR KATEGORIE F]]^ ^[[mastersystem:​f|ZURÜCK ZUR KATEGORIE F]]^
-<​html><​img src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_logo.jpg"></​html> ​                      +<​html><​img src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_logo.jpg"></​html> ​                      
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-**AUTHOR: ** SEGA **RELEASE:​** ​1986 **TYP:** [[mastersystem:​Action|Action]] **SPIELER:​** ​**LEVEL:** - **SPRACHE:​** Englisch **Partnumber:​** ​MK-5052-50 ​**EAN:​** ​4974365632526 ​**WERT:​** ​15 Euro+**AUTHOR: ** SEGA **RELEASE:​** ​1987 **TYP:** [[mastersystem:​Action|Action]] **SPIELER:​** ​**LEVEL:** - **SPRACHE:​** Englisch **Partnumber:​** ​7004 **EAN:​** ​4974365634049 ​**WERT:​** ​35 Euro
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-Sie beginnen damitIhr eigenes Raumschiff zu bauenDann heben Sie ab in die Fantasiezone. Fliegen Sie durch immer neue Bildschirme gefährlicher Welten. Mit der MissionFrieden in ein kriegerisches Universum zu bringen.+Opa-Opa ist wieder da. Dieses Mal sind die Gefahren noch größerund ebenso die BelohnungWillkommen ​in dieser merkwürdigen Welt seltsamer Typenmit viel Spannung undd Herausforderungen.
-You start out by building your own space shipThen take off for The Fantasy ZoneFly through screen after screen ​of perilous worlds. As you try to bring peace to a troubled universe.+Opa-Opa is at it againOnly this time the perils are greater and the rewards even betterEnter this zany world of characters again for real thrills and challenges.
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-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_01.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_01.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_01.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_01.gif"></​a>​ 
 +<img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.gif">​ 
 +<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_02.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_02.gif"></​a>​
 <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_02.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_02.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_03.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_03.gif"></​a>​
 <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_03.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_03.jpg"></​a>​ +<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_04.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_04.gif"></​a>​
-<img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ +
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_04.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_04.jpg"></​a>​+
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-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_05.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_05.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_05.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_05.gif"></​a>​
 <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_06.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_06.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_06.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_06.gif"></​a>​
 <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_07.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_07.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_07.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_07.gif"></​a>​
 <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ <img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​
-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_08.jpg"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1_08.jpg"></​a>​+<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_08.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII_08.gif"></​a>​
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Zeile 43: Zeile 43:
 ^Codes^ ^Codes^
-**Cheaper Ships** \\  +**Pro Action Replay Codes** \\ 
-Wait until the story starts to roll, then press Up and Down 25 times. Do this before the prologue ends, and start the game. You will now be able to buy as many lives as you can afford for $1000 each in the first shop you enter.+
-**Unlimited weapon time** ​\\  +00C0 0400 Bug Mode \\  
-Buy all the big engines (Big Wings, Jet Engine, Turbo Engine, and Rocket Engine) before buying a weapon. +00C0 A302 Infinite Lives \\  
- +00C0 AB0C Infinite Energy \\ 
-**More money** ​\\  +
-Enemy bases drop bigger coins when destroyed during the first thirty seconds of the level. ​+
 ^Kommentare^ ^Kommentare^
-//Fantasy Zone stars the sentient being "Opa-Opa", a spaceship tasked with saving ​the "Fantasy Zone" from an army of invaders orchestrated by an unknown force. It is similar to Williams'​ 1980 arcade game Defender, in that the player can move both left and right across an endlessly repeating playfield, though makes a number of changes and additions to keep the game unique. Rather than simply destroying enemies, ​Opa-Opa ​has to eliminate eight "​bases"​ across each level before being presented with an end bosswhere horizontal scrolling is clamped. Opa-Opa has two firing modes - pair of twin lasers which fire ahead, and a bomb which curves downwards to hit ground targetsWeapons and engines can be upgraded through ​the use of in-game shops, represented by balloons which appear at the start of the level. Yellow balloons also allow the player ​to switch weapons, assuming they have bought more than one.Unusually for shoot-'​em-ups of the time, Fantasy Zone opted for vibrant pastel-coloured worlds and joyful music rather than the traditional "​space"​ setting of previous attemptsIt is often dubbed as the first "​cute-'​em-up"​ as a result. Despite this, Fantasy Zone is known for being an extremely ​difficult ​game, as the slow moving camera and swarms of enemies quickly lead to "​bullet hell" scenarios. // - www.Mobygames.com +//Fantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa ​is the sequel to Fantasy Zone, in which you control ​Opa-Opa, a pretty colored ship with wings on its sideYou must destroy ​the large creatures ​in each world before moving on to the nextYour task becomes ​difficult ​by other small creatures that happen ​to pass by. If you destroy a large creaturethey will drop a dollar bill, which you can pick up and use at the shop to buy items and powerful weapons such as laser beamsx-way shotsand big wingsAnother way to get money is to shoot certain kinds of enemies all in a rowMore often than notsome large creatures will reveal ​warp gate rather ​than a dollar bill. You can go through ​the warp gate to get to another part of the land, and destroy more large creatures. Only one of them will have warp gate in the form of a 'stop' sign - that is your ticket ​to the round bossbut you must defeat ​all large creatures in order to pass through itAlso like in the original can you walk on the ground ​to avoid approaching enemies, and spend money in the shop to get new weapons (but they only last for a limited time). // - www.Mobygames.com
- +
-//In stark contrast to the serious side-scrolling shooters of the mid-1980'​s,​ Fantasy Zone strikes a whimsical chord with cartoonish aliens, playful music, and ultra-bright colors. ​ Some gamers may be irritated ​by the cute, pastel style, but Fantasy Zone's underlying gameplay is no joke Your small, bullet-shaped ship is very nimble, and I like how it sprouts little feet when running along the planet surface. ​ You can fire shots as fast as you can tap the fire buttonand the second button lets you drop bombs. Each side-scrolling stage contains several large, stationary aliens that must be defeated in order to initiate ​boss encounter. ​ Zany enemies come in all formsfrom green fish to blue blobs to rotating flowers. ​ Honestly, I can't even tell what most of those things are supposed to be.  When defeated, baddies drop bouncing coins which can be snatched ​up and used to purchase weapon, bomb, and speed upgrades. ​ You'll certainly want to upgrade your firepowersince larger foes can absorb a lot of hits.  I love the seven-way shot weaponbut the smart bomb isn't quite as devastating as I would like (it won't destroy larger foes) Avoid the speed upgrades because they make your ship very hard to guide with precision. The difficulty ​is up there, and the collision detection won't cut you any slack. ​ Sometimes you'll think you'​re ​in the clear, only to have wayward rotating missile clip your wing and send you to day-glow heaven ​Fantasy Zone's graphic quality is pretty amazingwith screen resolution that seems higher ​than most Master System games. ​ The colors are remarkably vibrant and the scenery looks crisp and well defined. ​ When destroyed, your ship bursts into nice pattern of snowflakes I appreciate Fantasy Zone's novel approach, and shooter fans should welcome the change of pace.// - www.Videogamecritic.com +
- +
-//You are Opa-Opa, a ship with wings. Yeah, corny, huh? But don't let that get you down, this game is great! As Opa-Opa, you must defeat all the evil bosses on alien worlds and bring peace to the Fantasy Zone! This game is a port of one of Sega's most famous arcade classics. In my opinion, this was one of their smartest moves, because this port was great! There is not much difference from the arcade version, and when this game was released, because ​of its popularity, it spawned ​few sequals including Fantasy Zone II, Fantasy Zone: The Maze, Super Fantasy Zone (EURO and JPN), and Space Fantasy Zone (Unreleased). Even the game "Space Harrier"​ is also supposed to take place in the Fantasy Zone. At the beginning ​of a level, the words "​Welcome to the Fantasy Zone! Get Ready!"​ are displayed. Fantasy Zone is sometimes considered a "Cute Em' ​Up" because of its bright and colorful graphics, different from other shooters. This is possibly one of the reasons ​that made it so famous. Opa-Opa for awhile was one of SEGA's mascots, seen in a few other games, such as Zillion and Alex Kidd : The Lost Stars. But why is this game so great? Read on! In Fantasy Zone, to complete a level, you must destroy ​all the enemy bases and then challenge the boss of the zone. After this, you will be sent to the next levelThe distinct feature of Fantasy Zone is the control of Opa-Opa. It's not a horizontal shooter, ​like it seems. You actually get to control what direction Opa-Opa flies in. Don't want to go right in the level? GO LEFT! Or the other way around. The game features many power ups, and when you defeat an enemy, you gain coins. If you collect enough and pay attention a STORE icon will appear. When you collide with it, you will be taken to the Fantasy Zone Store, where you can buy a variety of weapons that power up your speed, bombs, or bullets. You can also buy extra lives. But as the game continues, the prices go higher. You have two main weapons. The bullets ​on Button 1, and the bombs on Button 2. The bombs are harder ​to use, and inflict more damage. While the bullets are faster, they are not as painful ​to the enemy. When you buy power-ups though, usually for the bullets, you will sometimes not be able to keep the weapon for long. You are timed at how long you have to use them, and this can get very tedious. There are dozens of enemies in this game, and they can often be very tricky. Enemies that fly, shoot, and follow you are just some of them. They are tough, and the bosses are no walk in the park, either. The first few are easy, but then they gradually get harder, and towards the end of the last levels, you have to fight them all over again. Annoying, isn't it? If you ever buy too many things by mistake, often a SELL icon comes down, where you can sell some of your power-ups ​for coins. Later on, you will definately need those power-ups, though. It is almost impossible to destroy tough enemy bases with just the default bullets. Your best bet would probably be the lazer. The graphics are cute in Fantasy Zone, and that's why I love 'em! They are not very distracting,​ but often the enemies blend in with the background because of the bright colors. The backgrounds are great, though, and are fun to look at. It just gets annoying, because when you battle ​boss, the background disappears into a solid colorThe enemies are wonderful, too. Smoothly animated and colorful, they are sure to make you forget your playing and 8-bit game! In addition, the bosses are huge and colorful. They look like the arcade versions a great deal, and although I hate how there is no background when battling them, I have to say it adds to your focus on the boss' design and keeps your attention. Wonderful, wonderful, spectacular. [...] ADDICTIVE ALERT! ADDICTIVE ALERT! Once you start playing, you can't get enough. Even though it can be super hard at some points, it is super fine, and will keep you playing for hours. When you have the songs stuck in your head, you're gonna wanna play it! I dunno what it is, though, that makes it so fun. Possibly it's the controlling of Opa-Opa, and how you can take him anywhere on the screen! Almost a perfect ten! You must buy this game. If you haven'​t played SMS in years, bring it out and dust it off, and buy this game, because you won't be sorry! It often can be found for very cheap, but if you even find it for $15 US, get it, because it's worth every cent! I payed $9 US for mine! You should, too! I've been playing it almost every day, and you will too, once you get this game. This is the ultimate piece of value and SMS gold for any collector or non-collector! GET IT!// - www.SMStributes.co.uk+
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-<​html><​table bgcolor="​black"​ cellspacing="​1"​ cellpadding="​1"><​tr><​td><​a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1.jpg"><​img width="​966"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_fantasyzone1.jpg"></​a></​td></​tr></​table></​html>​+<​html><​table bgcolor="​black"​ cellspacing="​1"​ cellpadding="​1"><​tr><​td><​a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII.jpg"><​img width="​966"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_FantasyZoneII.jpg"></​a></​td></​tr></​table></​html>​
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