AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1987 TYP: Top-Down Racing SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 5 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-5077-50 EAN: 4974365632779 WERT: 10 Euro

Springen Sie über Barrieren, rutschen Sie um Kurven, immer im Wettkampf gegen die Uhr. Über Steinpisten, Wüsten, durch Schlamm und Schnee… mit Wheelies, langen Sprüngen und Landetechniken. Alles vor einem diagonal ablaufenden Hintergrund mit verblüffendem dreidimensionalem Effekt. (Für 1 Spieler)

Countdown to adventure. Three, rev your engine. Two, get ready. One, you're off. And this is the wildest race on the toughest course any pro has ever had to cross. Luckily you're prepared with the all-terrain handling and speed of the Enduro Racer. Everything from super-sized jumps, competing machines, natural and man-made obstacles will make your journey a perilous one. But you've got one direction: the finish line. So drive your fastest, you're racing against the clock. And be careful. Once you're down, it's hard to get up and you've got only one bike to burn through this demanding track. Now, grip those gears, spin those wheels and take the lead to victory.






Track Select
On the title screen press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. A number will appear on the right side of the screen. Chose your Stage by pressing UP or DOWN


My absolute favorite Sega Master System game is Enduro Racer. It's based on a Sega arcade title of the same name, but the play style is completely different. Instead of the „behind the rider“ view of the arcade, you get a 2/3 overhead view of the action. The coolest thing about the SMS version Enduro Racer are the bike upgrades — there's something really satisfying about souping up your motorcycle with an improved „suspension“ and watching it soar over the strategically placed ramps on the course. And who can forget „engine,“ which makes your bike run so fast that it can be hard for your brain and fingers to keep up (Note: if you get that upgrade you should avoid the ramps). Sega Control StickI always play the game with the Sega Control Stick, which I feel makes quick maneuvering around obstacles easier. It also somehow adds to the motorcycle feel of the game. That's about the only time my Sega Control Stick ever gets used. The biggest bummer regarding Enduro Racer is the fact that there are only five tracks. In the course of the game, you play the tracks twice: once with only one opponent (a car or another motorcycle), and again with two opponents at a time. But when it's all over, there's quite a surprise treat at the end. Think of it as a little philosophy, Enduro Racer-style. So there you have it. To all you life riders out there: the next time you put down an apparently dinky-looking 8-bit game, think back to Enduro Racer — a deceptively simple interactive experience that, when it's over, ends up transcending all media and teaching you new things about the very meaning of your existence. -

With a 2 Player Mode and a Battery this Game would be really great. If you like Racing Games you should take a look at it. As there are not really much Bike Games available for the Master System, I would say its the best one after GP Rider. -

This motorcycle game reminds me of Excitebike for the NES. You ride on a diagonal-scrolling screen, jumping ramps, passing other vehicles, and trying to make it to the finish line before time runs out. The ten levels take you through five environments, including country, ruins, desert, marsh, and mountains. The graphics are nice, but the scenery isn't very spectacular; basically trees and rocks. And what's up with the color? The trees and the mountain trails are both blue, which makes it look like I need to adjust my TV. It's really an endurance test to make it through all ten races. Each race lasts a minute or less. Between races you can use your bonus points to upgrade your bike, and the upgrades make a dramatic difference. I wasn't exactly hooked on Enduro Racer, but trying to make it through all ten races is a worthy challenge. -

In conclusion, Enduro Racer is a great game. It's one of the core titles from the Master System's early library and certainly one every fan needs to own. It has some areas that could have used a bit more work, but overall it's really a lot of fun and nothing to be ashamed to own. Sega did a great job doing something new with an arcade title, which was rarely done in the past and should have been done more often. In addition, this little beauty sold so well that Sega decided to re-release it during the last ditch effort to revive the SMS in the early 90s. It thus also comes in the rare, „blue label“ version with a different cartridge, box and manual. Pretty hard to find, so if you're into collecting as well playing there you go. This is a stock title every Master System fan should own, rare or otherwise. -

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