AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1991 TYP: RPG SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 30 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 5123 EAN: 4974365633233 WERT: 25 Euro

Du bist in einer phantastischen Welt von unirdischer Schönheit und tödlichen Dämonen gefangen. Du wirst auf der Suche nach dem magischen Kelch durch 30 Welten kommen. Es gibt keinen Weg aus diesem melodischen Alptraum… bis du ihn findest.

You're caught in a fantastic world of unearthly beauty and deadly demons. You'll pass through thirty worlds in search of the Magic Goblet. There's no way out of this musical nightmare…until you find it.








Dragon Crystal is a turn-based RPG, meaning that everything doesn't move until you do. A unique aspect, and an important thing to remember, because careful maneuvering can make the difference between life and death. You'll have to fight increasingly stronger monsters in the 30 randomly generated dungeons. Fortunately, there are items around that will help you, like better swords and armor, but also (mostly) helpful items such as scrolls, rods, potions and rings. All these items however are unknown to you at first (you see only the color), so you'll have to try them out to know what they are. These are random every game too. Finally you'll have to collect food to survive and pick up money to buy continues. The game is pretty hard, especially at first when you don't know the use of every item. But even if you do, due to the random nature of the game, you won't find that one good sword or armor in time before the stronger beasts arrive, or you'll warp in a room with too many monsters to deal with. Then there are those monsters that you can better run away from, even with decent equipment, unless you have specialized equipment to deal with them (like Dragonslayer swords and Dragon Suits to deal with Dragons in the final levels). It may sound too nasty, but the game is well-balanced enough to make the most attempts possible. Luck is definitely a factor to win this game, but once you get to know each item and monster, you can beat the odds. The well-balanced difficulty and random nature of the game, and the diverse monsters and items make the gameplay very challenging and fun, even for those who finished it many times. The only dissapointing aspect I can think of is that the egg which follows you around (which will mature into a dragon as you gain experience and hitpoints) seems to have no function except blocking monsters in tight corners so you won't have to deal with all the monsters at a time. This can be useful at times, but it would be a lot more useful and cooler if it could actually attack too. I probably should mention here too that the usual SMS flickering and slowdown can occur if the area gets too crowded, but it won't be often and because of the turn-based nature it'll never get you killed by accident. […] When I got this game, I was put off by the difficulty at first. But when I really got into it, it really started to grow on me and now it's probably my favourite SMS game. The randomness simply rocks. Although you got to have some luck at times, like finding strong equipment and collecting all the useful items early in the game, there is not a single quest that won't be challenging, even for advanced players. And beating it is a very satisfying experience, every time. Unfortunately, this game remains one of the more overlooked ones, which is why I decided to write a review here. People rave about RPGs as Phantasy Star, Y's, and Golden Axe Warrior (and rightfully so), but this game is right up there, IMHO. So give it a shot! Have fun, and good luck… you're gonna need it. -

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