AUTHOR: Seibu Kaihatsu / SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 6 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7030 EAN: 4974365634308 WERT: 25 Euro

Eine Mafiabande hat Ihr Mädchen erwischt! Sie sind der ausgefuchsteste Privatdetektiv, den New York je gesehen hat, und Sie werden versuchen, Sie zu befreien. Aber die Mafia wartet auf Sie mit häßlichen Überraschungen. Wird es Ihnen gelingen, Ihr Schätzchen vor Big Sleep zu retten?

You're George Phenix, one very tough private eye. You're so tough that you were the one who was able to put mob kingpin Robert King behind bars. He vowed revenge, but at the time you laughed it off. However, while you were in Italy with your girlfriend, Jane, King got his revenge. His thugs got their hands on Jane and disappeared. Now you stalk the streets of the city of Napoli, your blood boiling, your gun drawn! „Dead Angle“ take you back to the 1930's, when the mob did almost anything they wanted to. Now they've crossed the line, and you can put an end to the reign of Robert King. Put your enemies away with your revolver, or if you're lucky, pick up a Tommy gun and let'er rip! Save Jane from the Big Sleep!






Level Select
Hold Up on controller 1, and press Right on controller 2 to increase the starting level. Pressing Left on controller 2 will decrease the starting level. You will hear a tone when increasing/decreasing the starting level. Press 1 on controller 1 to start the game after selecting your starting level.

Difficulty Select
Pressing 1 or 2 on controller 2 at the title screen will change the difficulty setting.

Pro Action Replay Codes
00C0 A900 Bosses Are At Far Left & Right Of Screen
00C6 18XX Enemies Left Modifier
00C0 1C09 Infinite Lives
00C0 6899 Infinite Time


Sigh, here I go again. You know, I see games like this and it doesn't surprise me Sega didn't do so well in America. Seriously, why release this thing? Dead Angle is a perfect example of a unique idea gone horribly wrong. The arcade version was actually pretty cool, but I'm not sure what moron was behind porting it to the Master System. Hopefully they had the same thing happen to them that happens to Robert at the end (good inside joke that you'll have to suffer through this game to see should you not understand). Dead Angle is an interesting twist on the first-person shooter. At this time, the genre was still in its infancy, so don't expect Doom or anything even close to Operation Wolf. Basically, you control an aimer that you move around the screen, which is theoretically in front of a character silhouette (of course, this is you). As you move the aimer around, you have to take out various gangsters while avoiding their fire. Sounds kind of cool, huh? FORGET IT. Though a nice idea, Dead Angle really, really, and I mean really fails in the implementation. It's incredibly difficult to not get hit, due to the way your aimer and silhouette move around the screen. I should add, though, that it actually wouldn't be too difficult if the enemies didn't stinking appear out of thin air right in front of you. When this happens, of course, it can often be in the line of fire and you get immediately struck. It's still possible to make it to the end by doing some fancy button mashing as you frantically move the aimer around and attempt to dodge enemy fire, but don't try any of the tricks the manual mentions, like the 'duck' feature, because they're useless. Basically, you just keep moving to the side while firing in the direction you're going, looping up and around to avoid enemies and that will do it. Wait, up and around? That's right, somehow your legless, torso silhouette is able to HOVER in mid-air about freaking eighty feet of the ground. You can essentially fly everywhere. To add to this ridiculous look, as you move around the stages and fly into the sky, enemies keep leaping from everywhere, even from like ten stories up, hitting the ground full tilt as they continue to fire. What in the hell kind of gangsters are these? Damn. The bosses are probably the only interesting feature of the actual play in my opinion. You have to attack them in certain ways. Then again, the more I think about it, I seem to remember just FLYING above most of them and doing fly-bys with my gun. Seriously, imagine from their perspective what that would look like. A G-Man, flying like an eagle, holding a Tommy Gun and shooting at them. Can't make that stuff up. Anyway, to continue, Dead Angle has hardly any power-ups or things to collect, awkward play, blah it just sucks all around. About the only thing going for it is the ending boss and finale. Not sure if you want to wade through this muck, however, to see it. […] Dead Angle is a good example of a good idea that was not well structured. This could have been a pretty cool game had they stuck more to the arcade. I'm not sure why they opted to allow George to fly all over the place when the original was just left and right all the time. Really makes the game look stupid. Anyway, it's a unique title in certain ways, but also in how it sucks. -

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