AUTHOR: Taito Corporation RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7027 EAN: 4974365634278 WERT: 35 Euro

Die Desperados sind zurück! Es ist Zeit für Sie, Ihren Sheriff-Stern anzustecken, den Light Phaser umzuschnallen und den Frieden in der ruhigen kleinen Westernstadt wieder herzustellen. Es wird nicht leicht sein, denn dieses Mal sind es die Bösewichter, die Sie als Zielscheibe benutzen!

The dangerous journey of the great wise prophet Michael Chen begins in the sky somewhere deep in the heart of China. Help him find the path to enlightenment in this high-flying adventure from Sega.






Pro Action Replay Codes
00C4 C307 Start with maximum firepower
00C4 C905 Infinite Lives
00C4 C405 Start with maximum speed
00C4 C503 Start with three-directional magic
00C4 C703 Invincibility
00C8 660X Level Select (replace X with 0-4)

Cheat mode
At the title screen (when selecting the number of players), press Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right
During gameplay, pause the game and use one of the following commands:

Tasten Aktionen
Up Turn invincibility off
Down Turn invincibility on
Left Decrease number of lives
Right Increase number of lives
1 + Left Restart current level
1 + Down Warp to boss
1 + Right Skip level
2 + Left Change secondary weapon
2 + Right Increase shot power


Collecting Master System Games, and any other retro games for that matter, can be a costly business at times and I've been looking for Cloud Master at the right price for a while now. For some reason the price is quite often hiked up beyond belief and as we all know a rare and/or expensive game is not always a good game, so I'd put this one off for a while and settled on an ex rental copy with sticker on the cover that knocked the price down a touch…still it's complete and in otherwise mint condition. Well enough of this collector's banter, what's it actually like? Well for anyone else thinking of buying, read on and hopefully I can help you make your descision a little snappier than I did mine. […] It's mostly a bog standard shooter but it's got a sort of infectious, Parodious, style charm to it that'll keep you blasting through it's tougher parts to see all it's got cooking. In many ways it's middle of the road and in other ways it's a charming little adventure that'll be right up a good few gamers streets. However others may find little to love here and it'll just go back into the shooters section of your collection and gather dust while you're rocking R-Type, Sagaia or whatever else buzzes your nads. I, personally, kinda like it. -

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