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AUTHOR: SEGA / Epyx RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 8 LEVEL: 6 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-7014-50 EAN: 4974365634148 WERT: 25 Euro

Stellen Sie Ihren Mut und Ihre Beherrschung auf die Probe, und zwar in vier innovativen Action-Sportdisziplinen aus Kalifornien. Zeigen Sie auf dem Skateboard-Kurs, was Sie können, beeindrucken Sie Strandbesucher mit Ihrem Bodysurfen durch schäumende Wellen, und üben Sie sich im Drachenfliegen über dem Ozean und Snowboarding an steilen Hängen.

Hit the beaches and compete for the most radical sports trophy on the coast! California Games takes you there for a gnarly tournament of six games. Practice or compete in one, a few, or all events. So grab your sunglasses and sandals. Surf's up, dude! Time to jam!






New bike
Enter KOTARO as a name and begin game play. Break a record, then play the bonus game. If your character wins, a new bike will be awarded.

New surfboard
Enter NORIKO as a name and begin game play. Break a record, then play the bonus game. If your character wins, a new surfboard will be awarded.

Faster hackey-sack reflexes
Enter TAKAKO as a name and begin game play. Break a record, then play the bonus game. If your character wins, he will be able to play the foot bag game faster.

Pro Action Replay Codes
00DC A799 Infinite Time (Events With Time That Goes Down)
00DC A700 Low Time (Events With Time That Goes Up)


This game doesn't give an introduction nor does it have any plot or story whatsoever. Quite simply, this is a collection of mini games. I don't remember too much about the first time I played this but I'm pretty sure I enjoyed it, especially the skating event. In recent times after playing it again I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun it was. Multi-player is the best way to play (you can have up to 8 players you know.) There are 6 events altogether; Half pipe, footbag, surfing, skating, bmx and flying disk. You have the option to compete in them (playing for hi-scores) and practice them, which I recommend you should do. It can prove quite tricky to play at first. In no event are the controls similar. The trickiest I think being the half pipe. The flying disk is just hard. But overall after practicing all of these events I got the hang of it and found them all really enjoyable. There's not much I would change to this game except maybe throwing in a few more maneuvers on the half pipe. I think this is a pretty common game, possibly not as popular as it should be. So if you don't own it and see it somewhere cheap, buy it! It's a really fun game, however you won't be coming back to it too much after a couple of days or so. I have a bash at it every now and then but there's not really anything that makes you want to come back to it regularly. Overall I think it's a great game definitely worth owning. If you own it and don't think too much of it, I ask you to have a go, be patient, practice at it and you'll find it's better than you thought. And if you can, try play with some friends, it's a good laugh. And for the record, no one will ever beat my high scores. - www.smstributes.co.uk

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