AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: 3rd-Person Racing SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 9 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7033 EAN: 4974365634339 WERT: 15 Euro

Jawohl. Mit Volldampf hinein in ein Rennen von Küste zu Küste, bei dem es um Nerven, Ausdauer und Geschicklichkeit geht: der sensationelle Nachfolger zu Out Run. Jagen und verhaften Sie acht der schnellsten und hinterhältigsten Syndikat-Bosse auf Rädern. Schnallen Sie sich an, greifen Sie das Lenkrad und lassen Sie die Fetzen fliegen auf dem Wege zu einem glorreichen Sieg.

And accelerate into a coast-to-coast test of stamina, wits, and coordination in this heart-pounding sequel to Out Run. Chase down and capture eight of the fastest, nastiest Syndicate bosses on wheels. Strap yourself in and grab hold of the wheel. And get ready to smash, crash, and bash your way to glory.








I first bought this game in 1992 as I wanted a Out Run game. The game is like a 2D version of Spy Hunter with Out Run overtones and Chase HQ gameplay. The game starts with an idea of which car/villain you need to be capturing. To get the villain it's a simple matter of racing down the very flat but winding road. While driving along the road you need to avoid other cars, signs, hay bales and oil slicks on the road. To help you catch the villain, about halfway through each section you get to drive into the back of a lorry to upgrade your car with such goodies like turbos, stronger chassis, faster engines and better tyres. So to stop the villains car you need to ram into the rear of his car until it grinds to a halt. The game has a great difficulty curve in it as it starts easy but slowly gets harder but completeable. […] The game is very similar to Chase HQ and Special Crime Investigation and all three games are fine but I think Battle Out Run has a slight edge in the gameplay and graphics. It isn't rare and therefore should easily be found and not cost a lot either. Think of it as a hidden unknown gem. -

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