AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 6 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7025 EAN: 4974365634254 WERT: 17 Euro

Sie sind der Kapitän der Basketballmanschaft der Oberschule Ihrer Heimatstadt. Sie haben alle Wettbewerbe gewonnen und versuchen nun, die Meisterschaft der amerikanischen Oberschulen (All-American High School Championship) zu gewinnen! Aber eines nachts hatten Sie dann auf einmal diesen merkwürdigen Traum…

You are the captain of the Hometown High School's basketball team. You've won the tournaments and are trying to win the All-American High School Championship! But then one night you had a very strange dream..






Trick the Computer
Using a simple trick, you can usually get near perfect games on every computer team. When the computer grabs the ball on the far side of the court and begins to move the ball holder towards the net, move your character towards them. They tend to always move towards the middle. Regardless if there or elsewhere, simply put your character directly in front of the computer player's path. They will not be able to move around. By repeatedly pressing Button 2 you will eventually steal the ball. The majority of the time the computer will not move. If it does, move your character in front again.


In Basketball Nightmare you're the captain of a high school basketball team. One night you have a very strange dream, and the dream is what is played out in this game. You're teamed up against various characters from the dream such as wolves, weird turtle things, small one-eyed dudes and old men. An interesting opening on a traditional theme. The gameplay is excellent, Basketball Nightmare runs smoothly and is quite reasonably paced. Not slow or lagging whatsoever. Although sometimes during the game ridiculous fouls will be called for no apparent reason but this is only on rare occasions. Other than that the movement on the field, the shooting, and of course the dunks are quite easy to perform ensuring high scores and a faster pace of play. It's one thing to create a different sports game, but it's another to do it well. […] Basketbal Nightmare has a huge amount of replay value. You can aim to beat the game within different time limits to allow for higher scores and more scoring opportunities. Also, the two player option is always a positive thing in any game, especially a sports title. Here it is welcome and a nice edition, though expected. Basketball Nightmare is a really good game. It has great graphics, sound and gameplay. These features make it a lot of fun but the thing that makes it even better is the two player option, opening up hours of competitive action. -

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