AUTHOR: Image Works / Probe / Mirrorsoft RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 3 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-27020-50 EAN: 5020026911291 WERT: 20 Euro

Das Jahr 1885 war noch nie so aufregend! Die Abenteuer von Marty McFly und Doc Brown in dieser dritten und letzten Folge der „Back to the Future“ - Trilogie sind noch spannender und atemberaubender geworden. Dieses Rennen gegen die Zeit, bei dem Sie Marty und Doc steuern, spielt sich in Hill Valley, einem verlassenen Ort im Wilden Westen, ab. Und dann ist da noch Buford „Mad Dog“ Tannen und seine Bande von Revolverhelden…

1885 was never like this! The time-traveling adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown step up pace for this, the final and most exciting in the Back To The Future trilogy! Stranded in Hill Valley back in the Wild West, you play both Marty AND Doc in a frantic race against time - not easy with Buford „Mad Dog“ Tannen and his gang of gunslingers standing in your way!






Level Skip
Pause game play, then hold [Button 1] then press [Up], [Down], [Left], and [Right].


Same Story as the Movie. Marty and Doc Brown are in the Year 1885 and try to get back to 1985. According to the Manual this Game has 3 Levels. First is the Buckle-board Chase: You play Doc Brown riding a horse and you must reach Clara before she and her Buckboard make a dive down the Cliffs. As just riding would be to easy there are a lot of obstacles like Birds and Tomahawks Level 2 is the Pie throwing: Actually you throw not pies but the pie stalls. Throw them against Buford 'Mad Dog' Tannen to avoid him killing Doc Brown. The final Level plays on the Train, you play again Marty and must collect doc's special speed logs and you have to knock off the gang of Buford and the train engineers as they are not so happy that you stole their train. To make a long story short, this Game sucks and I'm glad this game has a Level select cheat so I actually didn't had to play longer than 5 Minutes to watch the levels. […] One of the few games I will never play again - if somebody would give me 1 Million $ if I play this, I wouldn't. This is one of the worst Games on the Master System, so avoid it like the plague. -

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