AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1986 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-6081-50 EAN: 4974365635947 WERT: 25 Euro

Zwei Superhits in einem! Wehren Sie die Invasoren ab und retten Sie die Galaxis in ASTRO WARRIOR. Können Sie Ihren Weg durch das magische Labyrinth in Pit Pot finden?

Two super hits in one! Turn back the invaders and save the galaxy in ASTRO WARRIOR. Can you find your ways safely through the magical mazes in PIT POT?








Astro Warrior: Basic Sega shoot-em-up in which you must guide your ship through three zones while avoiding hazards. Your only weapon are bullets as your only defense, but if you shoot the flashing red pieces on the terrain, chances are that a green ship will approach you, and if you collect this ship, your weapons will be upgraded so that you shoot a laser beam instead. Keep collecting ships and you can shoot up to three laser beams at once. At the end of each zone, you will come across a boss that takes multiple hits to kill. If you manage to conquer all three zones, you are back to where you started. The whole point of this game is to earn as many points you can without losing all of your lives.

Pit Pot: The princess has been kidnapped and held captive inside the castle, and your job is to navigate each room by collecting all the goodies, and killing monsters using the hammer that a witch gave you. Once you have done that, you must get through one of the open doorways. To navigate the room, you can walk either on the gray tiles, or the yellow ones that surround them. Monsters also can walk on these gray tiles, but you can make them fall down if you smash a tile that they're on. The monsters will regenerate in the room after five seconds. Be careful of dragons that will throw fireballs at you. If you get hit by a dragon, its fireball, or one of the monsters, you will lose a life. You can collect keys that will open locked doorways, so that you can exit through them. Some power-ups can also be collected. Collecting hearts, for example, will freeze all monsters on screen for a limited amount of time, giving you the opportunity of killing them.

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