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-**AUTHOR: ** SEGA **RELEASE:​** 1986 **TYP:** [[mastersystem:​Action|Action]] **SPIELER:​** 1 **LEVEL:​** ​**SPRACHE:​** Englisch **Partnumber:​** ​MK-6081-50 **EAN:​** ​4974365635947 ​**WERT:** 25 Euro+**AUTHOR: ** SEGA **RELEASE:​** 1986 **TYP:** [[mastersystem:​Action|Action]] **SPIELER:​** 1 **LEVEL:​** ​**SPRACHE:​** Englisch **Partnumber:​** - **EAN:​** ​010086050691 ​**WERT:** 25 Euro
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-Zwei Superhits in einem! Wehren Sie die Invasoren ab und retten Sie die Galaxis in ASTRO WARRIORKönnen Sie Ihren Weg durch das magische Labyrinth in Pit Pot finden? +Astro Warrior pits you against the enemy'​s fleet of superpowered spaceshipsAnd ultimately, ​the invincible Master ShipIn this treacherous black universe ​you can only count on yourselfTo shoot fastTo shoot straightIf you do - you get more powerMore weaponsTo beat the villansTo beat the oddsIf you don't - the odds beat you.
- +
-Two super hits in one! Turn back the invaders and save the galaxy in ASTRO WARRIORCan you find your ways safely through the magical mazes in PIT POT? +
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-<a href="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_astropit_0.gif"><​img width="​233"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​ms_astropit_0.gif"></​a>​ +
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-<img width="​1"​ src="​http://​segaages.de/​sites/​newsegaages/​sepimages/​ms/​weiss.jpg">​ +
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 ^Codes^ ^Codes^
 +**Start with 2 drones** \\ 
 +During the game, when "​Galaxy Zone," "​Asteroid Zone," or "​Nebula Zone" appear on the screen, press 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 1, 2. This will give you 2 drone guns. 
 +**Pro Action Replay Codes** \\ 
 +00C2 3F08 Infinite Lives 
 ^Kommentare^ ^Kommentare^
-//**Astro Warrior:** Basic Sega shoot-em-up in which you must guide your ship through three zones while avoiding hazardsYour only weapon are bullets as your only defense, but if you shoot the flashing red pieces ​on the terrainchances are that a green ship will approach ​you, and if you collect this ship, your weapons ​will be upgraded ​so that you shoot a laser beam instead. Keep collecting ​ships and you can shoot up to three laser beams at once. At the end of each zone, you will come across a boss that takes multiple hits to killIf you manage ​to conquer all three zonesyou are back to where you started. The whole point of this game is to earn as many points ​you can without losing all of your lives.// - www.Mobygames.com+//I have a very fond nostalgic connection with this game, for me it was the first Master System title that I ever set eyes on, I can still remember sneaking into the living room late at night on a cold mid-December evening ​in 1988 after being awakened by strange noises, the sound of laser blasts mainlyI walked straight into the living room where I found my dad sitting on the floor in front of the TV screen franticly pressing buttons on something. He explained to me that this was part of my Christmas present, but he would let me see it as long as I didn't mention this to my mother! I had a few goes, and didn't get very far, my hands were significantly smaller back then so I found it difficult to grasp the controller. After a few hours my dad put the system away until Christmas. I returned to bed now even more excited about the thought of Christmas day. The rest of that month went painfully slow, but when I did get my Master System ​on Christmas I absolutely loved it. Astro warrior was the game I played mostbecause it was the simplest game I had for a beginner. The funny thing about this game is that after all this time I still whip out this game on occasion, it’s the perfect 10 minute blaster game, and this along with R-type helped me through my university years when I just couldn'​t read another word and needed ​short break! The perfect escape! Some would accuse the game of being "just another top down scrolling shooter!"​ and they would be right in one aspect, it is a top down scrolling shooter, but it is a unique game. You begin in a somewhat crappy space ship, and have a single shot gun, but as you fly up over the "​Imperial star destroyers"​ - (name given by me to the big grey ship thingies in background)you can shoot parts of the ship gaining you points, and when you get enough a small ship will fly down the centre of the screenif you catch this your speed or weapon ​will be upgradedyou even get helper ​ships(or as I used to call them "pink pals"​). Eventually ​you become quite powerful, but don't get too cocky, one single shot from any enemy will destroy you, taking you back to crapola ship! The weird thing about this game is it only really has three levels, there’s ​the "​Galaxy ​zone"the "​Asteroid zone" and the "​Nebula zone" - all the levels look unique and are occupied by different enemies from the previous. But cool part of the game is the Boss characters such as "​Zanoni"​. When you kill the boss characters you are treated ​to a message "​Surely revive Zanoni"​ and you go to "light speed" to the next levelIt's funny how something so simple can crack you up, for some reason I still find "​Surely revive Zanoni" ​to be very funnythe "all your base belong ​are belong ​to us" may be the most widely known bad translation ​of something said in a game but I think people should be saying "​surely revive Zanoni"​ more often - it's far cooler! Maybe we should start it off? Anyone want a "​Surely revive Zanoni"​ T-shirt? [...] Astro Warrior ​is a game that belongs in every SMS gamers collection, although games like Power Strike may be better top-down shooters, Astro Warrior has a certain charm that keeps you coming back for more. As I said earlier, my opinion is greatly influenced by nostalgia, but don't let that put you off! If you don't have a copy then you must cut one of your fingers off each day until you have successfully obtained one. I need to go now, remember the saying – “Surely revive Zanoni”.// - www.Mobygames.com
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