AUTHOR: Virgin / Images Software RELEASE: 1992 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: 3 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 27032-50 EAN: 5013715050029 WERT: 25 Euro

Verteidige in Missile Command Städte vor unaufhörlichen nuklearen Angriffen! Schlage in Breakout mit einem Schläger und einem Ball Steine in Stücke! Vernichte in Centipede einen Garten voller Mutationsinsekten! Zum ersten Mal werden auf EINEM Modul DREI Arcade-Klassiker herausgebracht, die DICH über viele Stunden lang gefesselt halten werden!

DEFEND cities from never-ending nuclear attack in Missile Command! BASH bricks with a bat and ball in Breakout! Eradicate a garden full of mutant insects in Centipede! For the first time ever, THREE classic arcade blasts from the past are brought together in ONE cartridge for UNLIMITED playability!






Pro Action Replay Codes
00C0 2104 Infinite lives for Breakout and Centipede


Retrocompilations - There are hundreds of them for nearly every system and nearly every big publisher released in the past years some sort of retrospective compilation. Even Sega released a compilation of Mega Drive/Genesis Games for the Playstation 2. Back in the early 90s at a time where the Master System was not quite retro it became also a compilation of old classics: Arcade Smash Hits. Included are three Games: Centipede, Breakout and Missile Command. In Centipede your Mission is to kill a worm who's running down from the top of the screen. Everytime it hits a fungus he slides down one row. You control a little gun and have to shoot it. If you hit the first or last part it disappears, but if you hit him in the middle it splits in two which makes the whole game a bit more difficult. You lose a life if the centipede hits the bottom of the screen. There's nothing more to write about it. Centipede is a nice little game which still makes a lot of fun, but for not more than maybe 5 or 10 minutes. The second game is Breakout. A game which had many sequels and clones, it was even included as a Bonus in other games, for example Commander Keen 4. You control a paddle and with this paddle you hit a ball. Your mission is to destroy rows of stones with the ball. The main problem with the game is, that it was even back in 1992 fairly old and there were better games with this gameplay, the prime example would be Arkanoid. In Breakout there are no monster on the top of the screen to kill, no powerup pill that gives you multi-balls or a laser. At least there are different shapes of walls to destroy. The last Smash Hit is Missile Command. One of the real great classics. Your mission is to defend six cities which are attacked by rockets flying from the sky. The player has three rocketstations with whom you must destroy the rockets. The game is fairly simple but hard to master and quite addictive. It still makes a lot of fun. […] Sure, all three games are classics and have their place in video game history but that doesn't mean you can still play them some hours. While Missile Command is still a great game, Breakout and Centipede are just boring. In my oppinion Arcade Smash Hits would have been way better if they used Arkanoid and Millipede instead. -

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