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AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Sport SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 7020 EAN: 4974365634209 WERT: 15 Euro

You set down into your stance, the crowd's roar filling your ears. A million eyes watch your every move. Hot breath hisses through the facemask as a snarl spreads on your lips „Hut! Hut!“ The ball is snapped.








It's easy to laugh at Walter Payton Football, but you have to admit it's a step up from Great Football. This one offers an expanded playbook (including blitzes), multiple defensive schemes, the ability to „flip“ plays, and a season mode made possible by a password feature. There are some nice options, like the ability to select the skill level and quarter length. Walter Payton Football is not much to look at, largely due to its overhead view. The field looks fairly hideous with its alternating shades of green, and the players look like a bunch of flailing roaches. The center of the field is inscribed with an „FL“ logo. I can only assume the programmer erased the „N“ after the NFL license fell through. The kicking game incorporates a nice cut-scene and a two-press meter. The first press is for power, and the second is for „spin“. Spin? Since when do football kickers apply english to the ball? Voice synthesis is used for the quarterbacks and referees, but their high-pitched voices sound hilarious. The text displayed is also good for a laugh. Missed field goals are ruled „incomplete“, breaks between quarters are referred to as „quarter time“, and the game alerts you about the „two minutes warning“. In the end, Walter Payton Football is just another amusing step in the evolution of football video games. - www.Videogamecritic.com

Walter Payton Football, or American Pro Football, as it is called in Japan and Europe, is a simulation of American football. There are two modes in the game. One is called „Monday Night Game“ and is the same as a friendly game or exhibition mode; the other is „Road to Superbowl“, and is basically a play-off tournament in the NFL. The player can choose his favorite NFL team to compete against the computer or another player. The game allows you to assign basic strategies to the teams, both in defensive and offensive plays. The game is viewed from a top-down perspective, with the exception of kick offs and field goals, which are viewed up close from a third person perspective, and allow the player to regulate the strength of the kick. - www.Mobygames.com

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