AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1989 TYP: Jump & Run SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: 4 SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: 5116 EAN: - WERT: 30 Euro

Das Leben ist nicht immer leicht fuer den Kronprinzen von Radaktian. Als die High Tech Weltarkade eröffnet wurde, zerriss jemand in Ihrer Burg die Karte in acht Stücke! Aber ist eine so tolle Arkade, daß Sie dorthin gehen müssen. Es ist eine Herausforderung, die jedes Kidds würdig ist!

Get ready to join the Kidd in his third great Sega adventure! Being the Crown Prince of Planet Aries is never easy. On top of being a galactic hero, you have to deal with parents, teachers and palace retainers! But you're a Kidd at heart, and you just have to go to the new High-Tech World video arcade to play the newest Sega games! The problem is, the map to the arcade has been torn up into eight pieces and hidden in the castle. As you look for the pieces you'll discover just how weird life in a castle can be! If you find them, you'll have to fight your way through a forest filled with blue Ninjas. Survive this ordeal and you'll have to fnd a travel pass in the village to make it over the border! It's a game of wits, intrigue, action, and excitement. There's even a PASSWORD so you can save games. Survive all the obstacles and you'll play in the hottest arcade in the land. But if you don't get there before the 5:00 closing time, you'll be left out in the cold! Better hurry!








This game is definitely better than it is often stated to be, but being an adventure puzzle game you have to be willing to do some trial & error and flat our exploring as opposed to walking to the right and killing whatever comes your way. As I said earlier the title is misleading, as well as the cover art. You expect to be running around a Hi-Tech looking World punching out Ninjas, but our huge fisted Kidd keeps his shellcore trained hands in his pockets and flings Ninja stars when he wishes to deal some pain (which isn't often) this time around. But to be fair I will say that until you know all the secrets and what's what and where this, that and the other thing is and the fact this game was meant to played in the 80's it should have kept you coming back for more and more Game Over screens until you finally figured it out. Especially if we rewind the clock to before the Internet was readily available! A good example being the school teacher Mary's test. It was this room that inspired me to create a hand drawn map of the castle so I wouldn't stumble into her room. Nowadays with Wikipedia and Google we can answer any trivia question that's thrown at us with a click of the „I'm Feelin' Lucky“ button. Back then we had look stuff up in old school books and encyclopedias. And she has one question that's not in any text books, a question relating to a very high level in Space Harrier, so if you were unfamiliar with that game and none of your friends had it, you just had to guess! But once I found references to Space Harrier in a video Games magazine and I now knew the answer to her question, it was so much more satisfying then typing the question into a search engine and left-clicking. This game is definitely worth your time don't let your mind get stuck in Miracle World, no this game is NOT Miracle World, but that doesn't mean it's a bad game! -

The first two Alex Kidd games were nothing to write home about, but Alex hit <b>rock bottom</b> in High Tech World. If making bad games was a crime, the designer of this one would have gone to the <i>chair</i> years ago! High Tech World is a clumsy combination of puzzle solving and platforming. The main character is „Prince Alex“ who resides in a sprawling mansion. In the first stage he discovers there's a new arcade in a nearby town, but the only way he can locate it is to find and assemble eight pieces of a map. That's the kind of stuff people had to do before we had the Internet. Fortunately for Alex, all of the pieces are conveniently located in his house. To gather them up you'll move between floors, explore rooms, speak with people, and collect random items. It's like Maniac Mansion, except for the fact it <b>makes no sense</b>. If you try to put on a suit of armor, you die. If you turn on a computer, you die. There are bizarre messages posted on the wall like „Sega #1“ and „Katie is the fattest“. When you ask your father for a piece of the map, he'll give you a „fake“ one the first time, so you have to ask a <i>second time</i>. Who came up with this garbage? In one case a lady won't give you an item unless you take <b>an actual test</b> with math, science, and history questions! I actually <i>failed</i> the first time! Stage one is mainly trial and error, so thank goodness you get a password after completing it. Stage two is a shoddy side-scroller where you battle ninjas in a forest. It's crazy hard thanks to unforgiving collision detection and deplorable controls. A single hit sends you all the way back to the beginning of the stage. The final two stages include a village area where you need to „pray“ exactly <b>100 times</b> in order to acquire a critical item! This game is an atrocity, and I'm <i>still</i> trying to figure out why it's called „High Tech World“. I've played my share of bad games, but this one is Verizon Customer Service bad! -

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