AUTHOR: Ocean Software RELEASE: 1993 TYP: Action SPIELER: 1 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-27067-50 EAN: 5023843029927 WERT: 55 Euro

Morticia wurde gekidnappt! Uncle Fester hat sein Gedächtnis verloren und steht im Bann der hinterhältigen Abigail Craven. Gomez ist der einzige, der die Situation retten kann, indem er sich schließlich dem bösen Judge stellt! Kannst du diesen grausig-gruseligen Endkampf gewinnen?

Morticia has been kidnapped! Uncle Fester has lost his memory and fallen under the spell of Abigail Craven - only Gomez can save the day, finally confronting the evil Judge! Dare you freak out in the kooky spooky climax?








I've always been a fan of movie tie-ins, although they're often lame I normally still manage to enjoy them. This is a tie-in for the original Addams Family movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed, so did they manage to make a decent game out of it? Read on to find out… I suppose this would be classed as a platformer although the main aim of the game is to free your family, generally by solving puzzles, so maybe you could class it as a lite-RPG. You start off in the Addams Family garden and pretty much straight away your given your first clue as to what you need to do when a screen appears telling you to enter a hidden crypt. It's just as well you get the hint really as it would take forever to work out by yourself! After a hazard ridden stroll across your garden you come to the crypt, inside which is 4 doors, one of which leads to instant death! Guess which door I went through first! And so the trial and error begins. quite often you find yourself having to replay parts of this game over and again until you get used to the controls, which can be kind of annoying and I suppose a lot of people would just shelve it. There's quite a bit of backtracking to do in this game too, so if you die late on in the game (the pond for instance) you have loads of work to do to get back to the same point again. But still, after completing this game I can confirm that it is worth persisting with. Once you get drawn into the game it's quite simple to control and you really want to get through it and rescue your family. […] Overall I reckon this is a fun, and probably often overlooked little game. I can imagine people getting infuriated with the controls and just not bother giving it the chance it deserves. If people stick with it I reckon most will have a fun and memorable experience. I really enjoyed the game but I'm doubtful I'll play it again, as I think I have gotten everything there is to get out of the game already. I did complete it 3 times just to make sure though. -

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