AUTHOR: SEGA RELEASE: 1987 TYP: Action SPIELER: 2 LEVEL: - SPRACHE: Englisch Partnumber: MK-5055-50 EAN: 4974365632557 WERT: 10 Euro

Nehmen Sie das Motorrad von „Hang On“, statten Sie es mit ultramoderner Bewaffnung aus, und geben Sie ihm die Fähigkeit, sich in ein Flugzeug oder Auto umzuwandeln - und Sie haben ACTION FIGHTER!

Take the motorcycle from „Hang On“, equip it with hi-tech weaponry and give it the ability to transform itself into an aircraft or car - and you've got ACTION FIGHTER!






Invincibility and full power up
On the enter name screen at the start of the game enter you name as „DOKI_PEN“ - when you begin the game after this you will be invincible.

Letters ABCD and Equipped Vehicle
Enter „HANG_ON“ on the name screen to access these features.

Invincible to Bullets
Enter „_©_SEGA.“ on the name screen

Letters ABCD & Invincibility
Enter „SPECIAL.“ on the name screen

Three extra lives when timer reaches zero
Enter „GP_WORLD“ on the name screen


Ah yes, ye old Action fighter, this was a game that was very common in the UK and everyone seemed to have a copy, you couldn't swap Action fighter with your mates, because the all had it! The game was part of Sega's early budget release titles along with the Ninja, Pro Wrestling and Fantasy Zone. I remember buying this for £9.99 from Index the catalogue shop and man I sure was impressed, I sat glued to this game for hours upon end. The game is a basic top-down scrolling shooter, but this game has some real style and charisma for me. The fact that you not only have a top-down driving game here, but also a top-down flying/shooter game in one is quite unique. I don't think I have seen this repeated in any games since the release of Action fighter. Sadly it also seems to be a game that everyone takes for granted due to how common it is/was. The story for the game (as if it needed one) is that you are working for some secret government agency, the president has given you missions to attack his enemies, there’s all different sorts, such as submarines, helicopters and tanks etc. The game play is very much familiar in the tradition of top-down scrolling shooters, it contains the usual shooter elements; weapon-ups, speed-ups and the usual end of level boss type characters, you usually start off on the ground on each level as a motorcycle from Hang-On, with the motorcycle you are very easily destroyed, so the first task you have is to collect different letters of the alphabet by destroying other vehicles, by doing this you can transform into a car, which gives you a little bit more protection. The way you upgrade your weapons is quite unique and rather cool too. You have to drive into the back of a moving „Sega truck“, after entering this depending on what kind of firepower you already have you will receive either rockets, or a tracer rocket which can attack helicopters. The coolest part though is defiantly when you collect enough letters to change into the plane and you see the words „take off!“ appear on the screen. Sadly though I have to say I actually find the flying parts of the game to be a bit boring after a while, driving is defiantly more fun. I have to say though that a very odd thing about this game is there is no such thing as „lives“ you can crash or die as much as you want, all you have to worry about is the timer running out (which I have never saw happening) […] Action fighter is a definite must-have for all fans of top-down shooters, I recommend strongly that if there is any SMS fans out there that don’t have a copy of this game that they pick one up, despite the dodgy packaging (which is of a motorcycle rear-view mirror and not a magnifying glass which people seem to think it is!) the game will keep you entertained for hours, and is just great fun! -

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